Research and Science is carried out around the clock. You want to know where computers and computing power calculate highly complex tasks. Then you can expand your "input" on this page = BOiNC+Chart 

30 international projects.


Today we share more data than ever in our short history of existence.

Thanks to the exorbitant development of technology that spans our globe. This brings us all closer.


So if you want to "help" with the joint calculation and completion of tasks, you can support the listed projects with the computing power of your computer. You can only support one project or several.


The whole undertaking has its origins in the Seti Home project. This started in 1999. Short explanation, radio telescopes

listen into space and look for noises, noises and noises that have no origin in the cosmos. In other words, living things outside of our solar system. The abundance of data that must be obtained there must be processed through many "PUZZLE" processes. This is where your own home computer comes into play.

An intelligent network distributes small tasks to all participants.


What is particularly interesting about this is the fact that you actually use unused potential. A nice comparison are our millions of cars that travel 60 minutes every day. be moved around then 1380min. = 23std. to stand, rot, and lose value. The whole thing, of course, is utopian: If everyone had access to all the cars in the world at the same time, in the style of GTA (by the way, a world-famous GAME for game consoles and PCs), the world would only need 1/3 of the current vehicles. Not a new thought, but one that Greta Thunberg would definitely like. This would not significantly reduce CO2 emissions, but the streets, cities and parking lots would be freer. We citizens would have other cars to cruise all the time.

The Sethi   project   is   discontinued   after 20 years (2020), modern technology     has made    private   computers obsolete ...

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