It's the year 2015, the escape begins

It's not the first escape the world has to grapple with. Wherever wars arise, there are citizens who protect themselves and their families by starting a journey into the unknown. The way is always the same. You have to go to another country. International agreements ensure aid to these people. The agreements need to be implemented and better coordinated.


The review of the crisis that hit Europe in 2015 is characterized by many opinions and views. Many debates have passed. The evil faces, the nation's critics, have gathered at demonstrations. Of course, the majority chose refugees.

But the fact that we have no welcoming culture and that many emigrants avoid the nation raises questions. A small group can achieve much higher reach thanks to the media. Mistakes were made and accusations were made widely in public. The burden on a country or region is very high when events occur for which there was no orderly plan.


You know that something like this happens again and again, but officially nobody has a plan for something like that in their pockets. That as such is remarkable.

What's going on in Germany? What is wrong with all the countries that talk about humanitarian aid but have no plans in their pockets! To whom no funds are made available? Providing humanitarian aid and begging at large banks do not go together on any piece of paper.

How else do you want to explain how laborious the path was and still is that has taken place in recent years.


If you want to digitally record a string of breakpoints Where administrations, authorities, officials and assigned employees helped with the escape and the recording of the escape, then you will quickly see that a lot of chaos was demonstrably created in a short time. Unrest, fear and insecurity have spread into the population. Supported and supported by the press and media. A compliment to everyone who has watched this shame live on TV for months instead of simply switching off and living their lives.



That means the country wasn't prepared for it. Observers and analysts have made many misjudgments.


This is the chance to buy more time for all those responsible for the next time or with the current situation, so that everyone can present better solutions.


Conversely, if the United Nations and the European Community had actually a large fleet of ships in your possession that was primarily used for humanitarian aid, how would this escape proceed?

What trouble could this country and many other countries have saved. Not the anger because you have to help others, but the anger that has arisen due to poor coordination or a lack of capacities. The conflicting relationships as you are now would never have occurred. Countries that have shown in retrospect to be non-cooperative could have saved face.


The development would have been completely different. On stages where every decision has to be discussed for hours, days and weeks, there should be no room for discussion. A fleet of ships would have saved a lot of time. The international community could have got involved and worked out plans together. Which country can take in how many refugees without being overwhelmed! Where is there a need for helpers and employees from refugee flows? Is there none, what structures have to be created so that the countries need helpers and employees?



During this time, all refugees would have been safely accommodated as far as there was enough capacity. With only six months of more preparation, the admission of refugees would have been structured and systematic.


Where land areas are free on the blue planet, there is a lot of space where nobody lives or lives. Large villages are being built there, so that those from the ships can first reach neutral soil.

Every country should provide these neutral zones and villages. So that the guilt does not only have to be shed in the crisis region.


Certainly a lot of new laws have to be written for this, but in exceptional situations this justifies the whole thing. 2015/2016 was such a case.


If you look back, a lot is always clearer, but in truth the next time you will only apply the process as you have experienced it again, but adjust it a little. You have already had the experience. A few small tweaks and everyone feels happy and believes that something old has been done really well.

But to think outside the box does not mean to continue and work with the solutions as they have been used so far, if they have not proven to be particularly effective and efficient.



Just to accommodate 500,000-1,000,000 people in a few countries and that doesn't work the way you've experienced it. Not this time and not the next time either.


Everything new, everything different, everything more professional!


Container ships can load up to 30,000 containers on custom-made products in shipyards.

With an area per container of 8m x 3m = 24m². So if you adapt the architecture and build the ships in a people-friendly way, how many of the refugees could find space on it? 50,000 or more?

You would only need 5 of these ships to intercept the first large waves of refugees and then drop them off in an orderly manner in the villages provided for them.


But these infrastructures do not exist. Why don't you exist?

It sounds logical and easy to build and implement.

With the right people, you can write the whole plan and coordination in a matter of weeks. It would create jobs in the long term, as waves of refugees will catch up with the entire planet in the 21st century. With a short-term relocation of these Great Ships, this New Kind of Humanitarian Aid could immediately help 50,000 people anywhere in the world and bring them to safe regions within 3 weeks.

This kind of help can also be used if the sea level rises later, which is to be expected and therefore help has to be provided again. Insofar as the Humanitarian Aid Act is not only relevant on paper.


The World Bank should stand up and not look the other way when countries ask for loans for such projects. It may not be possible to repay these in 100 years, but you can later crumple the loans into paper and take them with you

a little luck make a 3 point roll.


Kind regards


rinaldo imperiale