The motto is Natur + Pur

Life has long been a book with seven seals. Now that humans have been able to collect empirical data for 200 years, there is a new understanding in many areas of what is good for us and you and everyone out there. But that does not mean that you have really understood all the seals. And even if they were, the findings that were collected would only be of temporary interest. Since we and the people around us are constantly renewing and changing, we will be able to deliver completely different results in 50 years.

So much is fundamental to paint the basic structure for a good life. What is it that the animals and creatures out there really always do? Yes, exactly ... all animals and living things are constantly on the move. Whatever drives you, it is essential. Also known as ALPHA & OMEGA. The movement with and in us guarantees that the engine is always running. A running engine does its job well, you only have to supply energy in between. Incidentally, there are only a few overweight species in the animal world. The key is movement. Luckily, animals don't have a computer to sit on for 8 hours, otherwise the animals out there would very likely be very similar to us.


It is as a child that we were always eager and full of energy, we danced, fooled around and made noise until we just fell asleep on the couch in the evening. This driving force is also in our genes. With 8 billion people, not all energy can be bundled. Let's take the nice comparison of young people who started training early in a sports club. In contrast, there are young people who started playing computer games or writing programs right after school. The latter will most likely remain a very long muffle of movement.


The sports people will most likely have to do many hours of exercise in their spare time until old age. You will not like it at all if there are days and evenings where you can and may just be lazy. The primordial instinct that animals and living beings have within them has been activated by the many movements. Undoing this changes at the cost of the attitude towards life. Happiness and movement are closely linked.


While others find their luck on the computer and it can last for a long time, they have to be even more careful not to fall victim to the cunning food industry. On the computer chips and sweets a little cola every day. The best is 1 liter, and the values ​​and attitude towards life are only kept so high. It's double the fun, with zero movement. This does not correspond to a life like nature programmed our genes.


We adhere to the fact that movement is the ultimate !



So what is good when it comes to food?


The answer is as natural as possible. Why? The body harmonizes with this way of supplying energy like nothing else. The body symbolically as a motor remains completely intact and processes everything without complications.

Just a little deviation towards processed food and the body shows signs of sand in the gear. Sand in the gearbox is not good. Everything slows down, and over a long life of 80 years, the transport routes of energy = food wear out faster and we see it in the fat deposits that form. There are two things to be distinguished here. The depots are growing because we eat more than the body consumes every day. The target group office and computer with little to no movement has seen this for 10-20 years. The movement-friendly animal imitator, on the other hand, has more problems with not consuming enough energy in the long term.


Pure nature as a power pilot for the whole day.


Today we also know that people work better if they always consume little energy. Eating 1000 calories ensures massive work processes in our body. The body has to split up the food completely and transport all nutrients to the designated departments. That is exhausting. You can equate it with a large order. A large order means joy at first, but also a lot of stress at the next.

Anyone who still has to do a lot of intellectual work after such a big meal will quickly notice that this is not possible. Simply because the body is still digesting the calorie meal. If the meal is still a fast food product with a lot of industrially processed food, it has a double impact. It is not for nothing that many people say that starting work again after lunch is not tempting. You are torn out of the workflow completely by the additional processing of the food. Productivity drops, irritability increases. Errors creep in.


As far as understood? This is also the reason why you keep reading today that you should eat lots of small meals. The body and the mind prefer that. In the animal world there are always only small happenings. The animals are busy looking for food all day, but they are always only small things, strictly speaking, ultra small things.

You can learn a lot from the animals out there. So it is, the animals as part of our community have brought us many achievements. The entire aircraft industry is based on flying creatures. The shipping industry has had the same success, everything that floats in the water served as a model for the engineers and developers.


Nevertheless, we do not treat animals appropriately. A paradox of many.


We achieve constant mental excellence with natural foods. In addition, a low energy intake per meal. The positive side effect that many people out there report. You feel fitter, more vital and simply stronger. If you have other habits and don't feel that way, then at least you have an idea what it could be and what you have to change yourself.

Constant energy is better than an excess in the body.



We hold that the movement is the ultimate + the food should be as natural as possible.


You don't have to tell so much about water, but a few key facts make sense. A small glass of water every hour is optimal. We consume roughly the same amount per hour.

With a timer you can help yourself here, just as you can interrupt long periods of time with a timer. Many manufacturers have recognized the favor of the times and after the industry has made us sick and fat for years, the technology companies with their small tools are now on the defensive. An egg timer would do it too. The beauty from a customer's point of view, thanks to the manufacturers for these small, pleasant things. This is marketing so you build a relationship with the manufacturers. About health. Before you know it you are already in the next dependency.

But you shouldn't exaggerate with water. 1.5-2 liters are standard values. Since water is also abundant in fruits and vegetables, you can count the bowl of strawberries in good conscience.

What exactly does water do in our body? Water is life. It cleanses us of degradation and by-products in the body, at the same time it transports protein, carbohydrates and fats to their destination. Water can also be called a large-capacity taxi. The healthier we eat, the less we have to wash out and take away, which relieves the body's own transport system. How does water do it? Water as a transporter is particularly interesting when it is poor in minerals. This means it can absorb more substances, take them with you and transport them outside. This process is supported by the kidney.


We have already completed 3 building blocks for a good life here.

Exercise + natural foods + drink enough water.

What does living in community bring you?

It depends, philanthropist, misanthrope ... or the Bonny & Clyde story. The former combines a positive life with having many social contacts, people feel comfortable among their peers. There you will find exchange, appreciation, joy, sociable together. Last but not least, you can continuously learn from each other in the community and share your knowledge. This component lets you forget everything - especially the questions and answers about whether you otherwise live healthy. A social community strengthens each and every one of them massively and is the best medicine for almost everything, insofar as they are treated with respect.

The misanthropist has discovered ways that communities are not everything in life. All the more he promotes his happiness and interests in other areas. In view of how much calamity and misfortune people cause, you can understand that, of course. Yes and Bonny & Clyde shoot the bird because you just pull your thing through and shit on everyone else and don't care about your environment. This togetherness has something biblical, religious after Adam and Eve. True to the motto if we have already been banished from paradise, then we let hell out of here.

Each of you has a different picture of how important community really is. Every country has different ideas about how and what constitutes a good community.


You always have to see, everything is temporary. Things, states, opinions and views are changing. So if you are still a philanthropist today, you can live in the outback of Australia in the near future, own a small farm with animals and enjoy the new freedom.



4 + is the new unity = consisting of movement + natural food + drinking enough water + good community



Soul food summarized: drugs, alcohol, medication, coffee, sugar + cigarettes, so everything that smokes!


First of all, all together are luxury goods. Their effects are to be stimulated from our senses, the manner of which is very diverse. Loose, relaxed, brave and strong are just a few of them. With all the enjoyment and praise, there is also a disadvantage, you want more of it. Just as a piece of chocolate always degenerates into a whole bar, this phenomenon can basically be found in all luxury foods. Self-control and discipline can be your reins here. So before you know it, you can't let it go. Enjoyment and dependency are closely linked. While some just say they are doing something good, others see that they earn their daily bread already addiction. Both parties can have a wild, harsh or factual dialogue about this. Drugs are rather stigmatized in a good civil life. The media and the news world thus support and reinforce the opinion of society. But peace, love, sex, drugs and rock'n roll are no accident. Drugs have been proven to be used for thousands of years. For example, peace pipes among the Indians. But also during ceremonies and recurring rituals there was a kind of medicine man who ensured that everyone in the tribe got a very special cocktail. It was recognized very early on that you can use drugs well to achieve peak performance temporarily. Doping in sports with drugs was excellent at the time. After all, there were no laws that would have prohibited this. Some countries, and more and more, are very liberal about drugs. Some drugs serve therapeutic purposes and can temporarily relieve people of suffering and pain, some also strengthen the immune system. This includes, above all, cannabis also called marijuana. Marijuana and grass smoking have reached the center of society. It is considered cool, so the smoke from cigarettes and the drinking of large amounts of alcohol was brought to the siding. Extacy, Speed ​​and Cocaine are regularly taken at parties. For years, the toilets in the Bundestag have also been randomly checked for drug residues. You don't want to believe it or you don't hear it ... there, too, you have always found traces of cocaine, among other things. How and who took what has not been investigated further. It could also have been the cleaning lady. Many industries and especially executives are said to have such consumption. The pressure to perform seems to justify this.


Does health and drugs go together? No.

But you also have to say that drugs are not related to lifestyle diseases. Be it from Colombia, Peru or Bolivia to name just a few countries in South America. Things look different with alcohol and tobacco consumption. Long-term use of hard drugs is proven to be attributable to damage. Whatever stimulants are consumed, you are not you. Then you are not real. If it is important to you to always be real and authentic, everything will answer itself.



With the medication it is like this, you tell the doctor about your symptoms, he only reaches into the learned drawer and feeds you with a prescription, it is the same prescription that he has given to others 100 times before. Anyone who makes a decision based on symptoms is far from individuality. With the first contact in the recognized medicine you will always connect symptoms and the remediation with a doctor. So you are infected and the pharmaceutical industry has won a new customer in "in no time". Okay, in technical terms you are a patient and not a customer. So two interfaces, a doctor and the pharmaceutical industry have brought you directly into a new dependency. Our mind and body is able to program certain events, experiences and processes. From now on you will always act as you learned it the first time, or you will be shown what is right in such a situation. Our existence is based on this. If your parents or role models were herbal witches, then the saying: " What will happen again ?" Is enough, it just takes a few days longer. The miracle of naturopathy and trust in its own defenses are born. Medicine has been around for thousands of years and the treatments have always been natural, that is, free of chemical ingredients. So it is always worth asking the doctor treating you for an option, something without chemistry, please!

So let's get back to the starting point. Enjoyment and enjoy. Everyone knows it and somehow you have imagined and convinced yourself that you need it. The only problem is that pleasure has 1000 faces. The ones listed above are just a fraction of it, and the bad thing is "you all cost money". What does that mean? The industry and the surrounding advertising empire always relates to enjoyment, you have to buy enjoyment. Go to a bookstore and read up on the subject of enjoyment and a comfortable atmosphere. There is so much that is really good. You can also visit Thalia's online bookstore,

this one   link:*

A handful of good ones that can naturally stimulate your senses are: walking, hiking, moving and sports in nature. Listen to music as much and often as possible. Learn to play a musical instrument yourself. Sit around the campfire and stare into the fire like the Neanderthals once did. Sunbathing. Drive a motorcycle or moped and experience the freedom of the wind. Okay with an e-scooter to borrow you can feel your way forward. Acceleration is a pleasure. Adrenaline as a boost indicator. Go to leisure and amusement parks. A morning stroll on the beach. Go outside with your dog and enjoy how great he is. Watch your children play and enjoy the wonder. The Good Life has many fucked up faces. Most of the beautiful things in life are not possible without investing. Some see in your work or that what you do a lot for a long time is pure enjoyment. So if you are one of the lucky ones doing a job that completely satisfies you, then that's the stolen tip of the pyramid.


What is the status of alcohol?


If you only learned how to feel good when you are going out or on the road, then you were allowed to get to know bad role models early on. In each group there is the driver, group dynamics and peer pressure then release the rest of the way, or the evening by itself. If you were able to learn early on that you can be in a good mood without drinking, then be happy. Just so you're really real. The people you meet with alcohol in hand are always bigger than in real life. If you run into you in normal life, then don't be disappointed. Alcohol has always played a major role in history, especially wine. In some cultures it was beer. But what does that say that people have always enjoyed drinking alcohol? Enjoyment and enjoyment seem to be an old hat.


A) The rulers, emperors and kings of yore wanted to make the workers forget the week and not think too much.

B) Due to the lack of development, knowledge and opportunities, there were not many cultural opportunities to let your soul dangle elsewhere. Research on how to experience a high level of enjoyment has not been around for so long.

C) The cheerful mood with women dancing on tables was so beautiful that it shaped the clan from back then and new old-fashioned standards were created. Which still have their charms to this day.


Whether you harm yourself or society when you drink alcohol. No.

At the end there is always the sentence, it was an experience, you decide how to go on afterwards.

In 2020 completely different things will be consumed, alcohol is actually only a by-product and is just associated with some scenes. Above all, the soccer fans. You are not you when you drink alcohol, would be an advertising slogan from Hornbach. Or are you just when you are drunk? It is undisputed that it frees us humans. If that is the problem, then you have to practice like an actor and as long as you are real. Nature and your genetics in combination with your variable of your life just allows you to be what you are.


Worldwide , of course, alcohol is a problem. But you can't change that. If you have to accuse someone afterwards, you have to understand the law. You should question those who write, adapt and change the laws. You can only prohibit alcohol by law. In some countries around the world there is an absolute ban on alcohol. Not for tourists and travelers but for the locals. What do you think? Think about it ! Can you avoid damage in a society like this? Yes you can. No matter how often you want to talk about good and bad, you end up with industry. Industry creates businesses that catapult other people out of your life.


What else is there to say about coffee and sugar?

Sugar has gotten a lot of bad messages in the news over the past 10 years. Strictly speaking, you know that too much sugar is not good. You are what you are, your thoughts and how you feel are largely dependent on how you eat. I represent the School of Natural Food here, which means avoiding industry and additives. Industry sugar the white giant is a really bad poison. If it were up to me, this food should not be sold and should not even have hot more food more.

The natural workflow in our body is literally mixed up because the body does not know what to do with this amount of sugar . This causes the body to stutter and have a problem using the sugar. In plain language, this triggers stress and, as is well known, stress is bad for our senses, which means that frustration increases and this in turn means that our work and productivity suffer. If you have nagging fellow human beings around you now and then, check out their eating habits. Sugar is an evil devil in many ways. Sugar is poison and we keep putting it under us. Pretty perfidious what the industry has created. Even worse, the organ is the legislative power that stands by the whole vicious circle. Fired and cheered by a lobby that gets your pockets full faster as you train 1 kilo of sugar that has turned into fat.

A proud 9000 calories are the energy content of 1kg body fat. Calculate how much work is ahead of you.

Sugar is largely responsible for triggering a chain of many other diseases. Not always immediately, but you can't say that in general. So less is more. With patience and discipline, you can also completely switch to natural sugar. You can find it in fruit, dates, figs as well as in vegetables and natural yoghurts. You are teaching your body to use only the energy that is available to it. At the beginning it rumbles and jerks a bit, the body has to get used to the new fuel, but then it should provide top performance and feeling again. If you are still young parents, then catch up early in order to set apart to you with sugar. Here you can shape your children's entire life path with or without sugar. As always, you can find books on this at Thalia. Here is the Link: * You will see that your child will not sit on the school desk after the first lunch because the body can cause these reactions with the falling blood sugar level. We created suffering ourselves and although we are aware of it, we stand by and do nothing. That's the way it is with institutions that you give too much power to.

And honestly, if you could do it the same way and there would be no resistance, what would you do? The power of benevolently watching others die while you make your rounds in your swimming pool must be a feeling of particularly high quality.

After enjoying sugar, take another look at enjoying coffee. Coffee is the ritual of many people around the world. In the past, coffee was prescribed to the nobility and the wealthier. It is still a luxury in many parts of the world today. So be glad and appreciate the consumption of the nicely built west in the twenty-first century. A miracle cure. It makes our senses gush, at least that's what many people say after their first coffee. With cups 2-3 and 4, by the way, the whole thing is much more harmless. Measurably harmless! So you can save everything after the first cup. On average we buy an energy boost after the second cup and a lasting joy of 30 min. But only if we do without sugar and milk. Milk makes you tired and sluggish, sugar in coffee only provides a short "kick" that we have to pay again with the falling blood sugar level. Where this leads to has already been mentioned. Stress + less concentration = ZERO BOCK.

The pure feeling and the natural power of the beans can only be experienced pure. Pure nature. It hurts us the least of all other things and only if you overdo it with the crowd. By the way, researchers and scientists have found out that coffee also has a high peak. If you consume too much in one day, coffee suddenly becomes sleepy and you get tired. Odd, isn't it? When I first read this, I had been a coffee drinker for many years. My reaction was both curious and irritated. So if you are out at night and working late shifts, you should dose coffee sparingly. But one thing should not go unmentioned, coffee is acid-forming and can have a lasting impact on our acid-base balance. A poor acid-base balance is bad for our body pH and bad for our metabolism. Coffee is said to stimulate the metabolism, but only as long as your acid-base balance is intact. In the combination of a lot of red meat eaters and a lot of coffee drinkers, we literally maximize the scale of a negative acid-base household. What happens because our body cannot remove the acids are stored in the connective tissue. This can be accelerated with deacidification. Above all, a test at the family doctor, a phone call in advance is enough for now.


Try what it's like to make ends meet without coffee. Some have seen it as a win for their lives. Just as capitalism only eats this up and drives greed for more, we humans have developed in parallel in this direction. We only know more and have. We are good and brisk with getting used to it, but woe to someone or suddenly want to do without something, then it becomes turbulent. Although there are always 2 of 10 people who do not find it difficult to do without, in real life people are quite nice loosers when it comes to it. The reasons for this are too complex and too individual. Maybe I'll write a separate article about it.


A day without sugar is a little disaster, a day without coffee before work, then people just don't go to work. Even a few days without meat can trigger a mental crisis. In the case of cigarettes we sometimes move in an hourly cycle rather our body signals us, now you have to pull through again. So you see our habits influence our day and the course of it enormously. Who we are, how we behave! Is this the new and dearly bought freedom? No, with these habits and the many dependencies, we make many compromises that one could actually do without. Life can be a lot easier. If the hunger for enjoyment hadn't arrived in our uncivilized society. Who are you if you would remove all of these things from your life. How would your nature, your character, change? Would you rather be better or a worse person? or are you already good and none of that would make you better! Only you can know. Trying it out would make you an experience richer, not doing it wouldn't give you the opportunity to have a say.



Well , your true contribution to avoiding diseases of civilization begins by finding a healthy way for yourself. In addition to sharing your knowledge with others. The statistics show that you do not lie how many people are ill and consequently have been moving with ignorance for a long time.




6 + is the way to another life, differently without ifs and buts = enough exercise day after day + as much natural food as possible + drinking enough water + good company if you have them at the door, you can also search for them or find a new one Founding + industrial sugar in the bin + have not forgotten life and fun and do it like Bonny & Clyde ...











Kind regards


rinaldo imperiale