Water as the most important element of survival is completely lacking in us

Nothing works without water, that would apply to all living things. In fact, there are a few dozen animals out there that do not require any water at all. Anyone who has drunk unknowingly dirty or polluted water and became ill as a result knows exactly how sensitive our body and our immune system react to this type of foreign substance. Water is life and now take a look at what you do to water on a daily basis.


The main photo from the previous page shows all the problems we are causing to the water. Each is hand made. Whereby you have to say tough, the industry that allows this madness every day and the created systems that approve of the whole thing are something, but definitely no longer people. No one would knowingly continue to pollute water at the expense of public health.


It is bad what industries could destroy in 200 years, what had to mature 4 billion years. Many years of work have gone into the best wine. It only takes a few minutes to destroy all the work.


That is the reality, you cannot go back, so all you have to do is look ahead and fix the damage and iron out the catastrophe.


So what can you do?

You the individual who has to absorb water biologically every day.


First you have to find out which water is really clean and pure. The people in the mountains are well off. You can just go to a water source in the Alps and drink from it. How practical, isn't it? For this reason, some people or families have already moved.


When you have found your water, you will no longer support the companies that do nothing about water pollution and thus tolerate it. These companies make so much money that you could start one process after another. Something has finally spoiled and contaminated the source. Ultimately, water also reflects us as humans. In addition, a company could invest in state-of-the-art filters so that the dirt does not end up in the glass bottle when it is filled. But then it would no longer be natural mineral water, with an extra filter it would be treated water. The water industry is not interested in caring for the citizen. Water stands out in rows due to the high degree of pollution. The limits of what can be contained in water have always been raised. It is suggested that everything is still in order. In reality, however, the amount of unhealthy substances has increased continuously. You can no longer get these fabrics out.


(Up to 400 substances are counted that have no business in the water, only the industry and our behavior have brought you in. The water laboratories are only obliged to test for 40-50 substances, funny or?)

The association that has approved this only has this choice, the other would be to withdraw water licenses and destroy jobs. You also know the problem with the plastic bottles ?! Of course you know something like freaks and nerds. A fine plastic layer comes off due to friction, which can affect our organism in the long term. As it has been proven, the companies that sell the water can also be reproached in this regard. So buy glass instead of plastic, even if your biceps have to work more. With an average lifespan of 80 years, the problems are not taken seriously. Advertising and marketing show a wrong and twisted reality every day. Just study the tricks and tools of advertising and marketing once, and you will see how much intelligence, strategy, ambush and cunning have to come together so that the manipulation at the customer is perfect. Independent test laboratories show what is really in the water. You can have hours of dialogues and discussions, the results of the laboratories speak their own language.


and otherwise?

Don't throw anything into the sewage system or the meadows that doesn't belong there. Pick up an old battery when you see it on the side of the road. Maybe 100 didn't do it before. Then you are the one who does it differently. You can even proudly tell it at home in the evening. Some may say, but if I hadn't done it now, another will strengthen your back. Another will hear about this story the next day, when someone picked up a battery. He will say I will do the same now in the future. It is also the story of an event that you have to share before you can travel. There is always a river somewhere. Have you ever seen an oil trail on the street, then call the local fire department. Already 1 drop of oil in the groundwater contaminates 1000 liters of reasonably good water. It only costs you a minute. So with flat rate not even money. If you see the other doing wrong in dealing with nature, talk to people about it. Some just don't know what can hurt. Education is better than looking away.

If you come into contact with yourself in your world in which you move with all your variables, with water and there is a clear conscience, then you have done everything possible.

If you want to do more, then of course there is still the way of protest through demonstration. Here, too, you can go bureaucratically to petition and then turn to the responsible persons. (Since the legislature is responsible, laws must be created and other laws abolished here. The only reason why it is really worth contacting a responsible person, a politician.) There are still many ways, even if none is a guaranteed / certified change harbors. Everything is set up as nicely as the fairy tale about Santa Claus who flies through the fireplace at least once a year. Ultimately, decisions today are no longer made out of pure reason. In a world where one would make reasonable decisions, there would be no problems. You could even make predictive decisions that don't cause problems.








Kind regards



rinaldo imperiale