Not much, and yet more than you think ...

The simple solutions are the best. Ride more bikes when it comes to exercise and mobility. The best thing is the bikes without battery and auxiliary motor, even if they are absolutely trendy.

A top value with 5 grams of carbon dioxide pollution per kilometer. It is better, but not more efficient in terms of time, to walk there.

Do you have a choice and are flexible, then better car sharing or sharing cars with neighbors and friends. Buy a shared car in a shared apartment + everyone a bike. For commuters, you can also use blablabla car * Take other travelers with you for a fee. This is how the circus adds up to saving carbon dioxide. To make a contribution to the whole, however, this always means restriction in his freedom, his planning and the way we understand flexibility. Others from the marketing world will want to sell it to you as the new "flexibility". You gain the good feeling of doing something right, you also get recognition from others who do the same. Is it worth it to you? Only you can know. After all, sweeping the country roads with a gurgling V8 engine and a beautiful motorcycle is another form of freedom to do what you like with your freedom. Always keep in mind that it is the large industrial nations that have brought us into this situation at all. Capitalism, the cry for more money and growth, has completely eliminated the consequences and the factor of sustainable technology development. Advertising and public opinion are now waging the war with your remorse. You don't have to play along and believe the bullshit. It would bring you much more simply to not watch TV anymore. Combustion - coal-fired power plants and deforestation are real climate killers and blow up the good from the bad.


Where you are at the next point! A small contribution that is easy to implement, how do you draw your electricity at home? You can call the electricity supplier and change your tariff to eco and nature in a friendly manner. Of course you can also switch directly if you want to save money. An annual electricity change can save between € 80 and € 300 per year, depending on the size of the household. 1 two 3.4 or more people. For a 10 minute process on the computer, that's a good hourly wage. Here is a behind link:* there you can start a comparison.

(or go to the blue bar below).

Sun, wind and water are the best sources of energy and always available.

In practice, you can actively cheer for the coal exit, because it is so. The more citizens, nationally and internationally, get their electricity from good sources, the less electricity is bought from a coal-fired power plant. The less a coal-fired power plant makes money, the faster you will force a closure. This is of course a process that has been going on for a long time. In a statistics from 2017, 11 million households in Germany were already counted, with a touch on green energy. That makes up 24% of the total stock of all households. The tendency is of course increasing. In practice, electricity from green energy costs € 10 - € 50 more per year, depending on the size of the household, but there is still savings from above.

(As of 2020)

Electricity and cycling hide the greatest potential with little effort.


If you want to see the advantages of cycling again:


It keeps you fit, your health is boosted. Cycling makes you happy, according to various studies. Cycling is efficient. You will get to your destination faster at the front door / shop. Parking spaces cost money, have to be found first and in the end this causes stress, at least for a large number of drivers, which was also supported by surveys and studies. Which doesn't mean that blind studies and surveys should be believed. You have to consider how large the study is, i.e. how many participants the study had and how long the data was collected that ultimately led to the result. This is one and the other thing you need to know about studies. Who was the client of the study that brought you a positive rating or led you to a negative rating. There are always two parties. Some earn money telling good things and the critics and skeptics of products and services will only tell you about the disadvantages. In this context it should not go unmentioned how much manipulation we are exposed to every day and how much money is in this donkey pot for everyone else. If you find manipulation exciting, there is a lot of literature. Here is a   l ink * to Thalia or See below "red bar" Common sense is a last mile.


Of course, you can drill and optimize a life on a green footprint so that you float on cloud nine afterwards. Is it worth it? In any case, it is significantly more expensive and you need your time to get an overview that it ultimately changes into normality, routine and habit. The whole other market is then no longer seen.


Organic food - When buying textiles and electronics, pay attention to seals and emblems. Offering used goods and browsing for them yourself has become an important part of the energy industry. Used furniture, the good wood, can still have a long second life ahead of it. Last but not least, you do not have to set up the used furniture, as they are already set up. If the device is defective, a call to a repair cafe is also worthwhile. These are small clubs that are increasingly to be found in many cities. There you can get broken things yourself and / or with instructions. Throwing away all kinds of goods in India is horrible. First, it is carefully examined whether and how it can be repaired. Hats off. But everything is connected with compromises and closely linked. You save money and do something for nature, at the same time it costs you more time for effort, repairs and waiting. This type of cycle can be found everywhere. With everything you save on the one hand, be it money, time, energy or energy, on the other hand you have to spend something on it.


Mucking out and throwing away does not have to be, what you do not need and you are not worth the flea market walking, to give away with a note on the front door. You even make your other friends happy. Okay you can also be unlucky that a scrap collector collects everything and later turns it into money. Even before the old baking goes to the street you can give away gifts on social media channels, look for groups there. Look in your own groups at messengers, Telegram or Whatsapp to name two.


Instead of going to the expensive freelance doctor, go to the pharmacy. See a naturopathic doctor, also called homeopathy. So you save yourself the chemical medical pharmaceutical industry which a normal doctor prescribes to 90%. That is, you ask him for an option, but the pharmacy doctors rarely have natural options, they just weren't trained that way. If you do not use chemical clubs, you will retain the natural strength of the immune system and you do not have to mentally deal with possible side effects on the package insert. Good apps with lots of advice and information can also be found here.


If you have symptoms, put your lifestyle and diet to the test and you have already made many sustainable decisions indirectly. You have to be active yourself so you increase your own independence. You are less dependent on others. You can share what you've learned with others. So the circle of reason grows.





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