Space & time independent

Today, working in a permanent place, in an office in a city, is no longer common. Of course this is the standard model, the boss wants to have all his sheep together nicely.


That may depend on the company and the industries also make sense.


Of course, the Home Office is a old hat and you like it or not. In between, they are completely happy about working at home for 2-3 days, ultimately you also have more time for the family. In the fast-paced and well-timed world, this is often neglected. IBM has long been the pioneer and superstar when it came to "HOME OFFiCE".


Yes, some people even take their work on vacation if they feel comfortable with it and can tear off a few hours here and there. Loving your work has many advantages.


Working with creatives and project-related work, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, lightning-fast and reliable software, work can be continued at 10 locations in the world at the same time. Video switching over the Internet. Team discussion and briefing on news about the project can be distributed to all employees. The new way to get your employees around a table.




Have you ever considered granting parts of your workforce more freedom in terms of work and place of work.


Why not simply integrate 2-3 workers digitally into your projects? Give it a try, your work and employee recruitment will be more flexible and problems can be solved more quickly.



You want to work with me even though I am already active in other projects, that doesn't matter. I will also work for you when I am on the go.


Design, conception, correction, planning, coordination, as well as exchange and discussions can always be carried out regardless of location.





For all of you who have worked with me in the past, don't let my active projects stop you from negotiating a new collaboration.

I look forward to it.


Rinaldo Imperiale