Reinventing the wheel doesn't make much sense, but it does make it more durable! New materials that are fully (100%) recyclable. Use renewable raw materials quickly! Unfortunately, there is already everything, no tired penny can be earned. Only small minimalistic improvements can be expected. What else ? No idea? More than you can actually do! Nevertheless, the wheel is and remains a valuable invention of our time. The age of mobility began with the bike. From then on, loads were easier to move from A to B. From then on, traveling in a group to a market was possible. A blessing for nomads.

See the wheel symbolically for the cycle. In many ways, it shows a closed system. Everything interlocks, has to hold, show a certain stability so that we can move forward. Each element in its construction must be created in such a way that it remains reliable. A look at biology speaks volumes.

This created dependencies. You can screw it down to the atomic level. There it becomes even clearer how much the cycle works. The one literally does not exist. It is always a wheel of two or three. Nature shows this cycle clearly visible to us. The food chain ensures the survival of the species. If you take a look at the star map and keep your thumb on it in our solar system, you can see it. The wheel of the planets on it`s recurring orbits. One system / One wheel. In mechanics, the wheel is connected to many other gears, such as a clock or a motor. It was the first time that the cycles in a plant were easy to understand for everyone. The dynamic that drives everything else. In between the laws of nature and physics. They made it easier to connect and explain the complex structures. So it seems that the wheel has expanded into all areas of life.

The wheel of information, just look at the simple purchase of goods on the Internet. Buyer side: order - payment. Seller side: receipt of order - confirmation of payment received - shipping of goods. Buyer side: receipt of the goods
The messenger's signature closes the wheel, the cycle of communication. In between, a mountain of technology that supports this.

In the Middle Ages it was the messenger who brought news to the villages on behalf of the king. To us the citizens. After announcing the news in the market place, the messenger returned and conveyed everything to his king.
The bike was closed. The messenger back then is today the newspaper, the TV, that radio. (even in the word radio the word wheel appears)

You can also take a closer look at the wheel when making important decisions. The city council, though converted but derived, comes together to form a circle to discuss a change and then vote. Fortunately, the majority principle was chosen because it is efficient and simple. Having 100% votes is rare, so it blocks decisions. Closed in the circle of the council, the wheel was turned a little further by the decision, so it continues to develop. One does not want to explain the development box here, but it is part of the wheel and is so slow in some areas that one can speak of a grinder.

This type of wheel that we create through language is essential so that everyone has a level of knowledge. So the wheel is omnipresent and not just the simple wheel that we see every day on a bicycle, car or motorcycle.

So let's devote ourselves to the tasks that we don't know yet,  will be there soon. What could that be ?

The smoking volcano symbolizes our head at such moments.

With every event where other damage is done, there is a chance to increase security.
The guardrail in front of a curve or the removal of trees on Aleen is emblematic. The brake assistant for traffic jam detection is no longer necessary. Unlimited level crossings a shame after 100 years of railway history.

It is clear that a parachute for passengers in airplanes is a nice thought, but in an emergency it would be impossible to open the doors during the flight. Only if you could create the complete construction with an exit to the rear.
But since nothing has changed there in the past 51 years of aircraft development, nothing can be expected there.

In emergency situations, gliders could be equipped with large paragliders, similar to how they were used for the approach to land by the Space Shuttle, or how they are still used today in the Drag Star race. The smashing on the mountain and in the Pacific would be history.
With an average of 10 major events per year, the industry should calmly go a little wagon and break new ground.

Although research and development is for the good of society, most of the money goes to consumer & electronics.

Only if you remain curious can you create space for something new. In view of the fact that the innovative power in Germany has been declining for years and hardly plays a role on the world market, one has to ask oneself. No one is out of curiosity anymore. You laugh about China and how one copy after the other rolls off the line. At the same time, if you look around here, nothing else happens in Germany. We copy American services on a large scale. Somehow a shame such a development. We are far behind in key areas of programming and artificial intelligence. Industry has put a life on car makers. While the chip industry and microelectronics are making big profits for entire peoples. Easily recognizable by the high-rise buildings in a city center measuring 200 by 200m.

This information has been gathered from the content of the daily media spectacle.

The whole world is just a big construction site, not everything can be important, but at least everyone has something to do. The fact that energy and human energy is wasted here in areas that would be more important elsewhere is just by-catch.

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