The way is the goal, an old saying. One likes it, another cannot harm it. What do we do when at some point there are only goals and we no longer need a path. The paths disappear and dissolve into nothing. Ever thought about it. The fact that Corona is still up there out there has become everyday life. Hardly anyone cares. Most of them are completely fed up with this topic and can neither hear nor see it. That's why my quarterly story three will join the circus in 2020.


What is important and what can you add value to tell about it to others. The spectrum is large and varied, but space is limited. Let's just start there when you look at where something works well or better. I am currently in Zurich with my creative spirit. Is the city the way others have heard it? It's just glamor, expensive and high society. Well, let's call it magic. A mix of we create a world in which everyone takes each other into consideration. At the same time, we're proud to hit the market straight away. The world is looking at us. Zurich is a city where people actually value a fashion style. There is something. Individuality is very important. But the Zurich system in which everyone moves is closely linked. Not to be confused with buttoned up and aloof. A mask and a dress that falls quickly once you have started a conversation. Would you have guessed?

Loyal customers wait in line at the expensive boutiques on Bahnhofstrasse. Especially Louis Vuitton is currently shooting the bird. It has to be mentioned because it's just obvious. Some stores are using the coming autumn and winter to redesign their retail space. New look, new life, new emotions. The people who live around the lake in Zurich rarely find a way to the city center. Zurich has a lot to offer. 50 museums, long promenades where you can sit dangling feet half in the water. Picnic baskets and blankets are spread out and people enjoy the moment and the day. A Bluetooth speaker in the middle and the music takes its course. Much entertainment is offered. If you look into the faces you will find a lot of joy and happiness temporarily. But don't be fooled, Zurich can also be dark and cold. What city doesn't have this clientele. Is a piece of life reflected there, or is it nature, deep concentration or the dreamers who are on your way. I don't know, every answer could be correct. Would it be right to approach everyone and ask them? Hardly likely. Of course, laurels sell better than anything else. But that's not the point. As a cosmopolitan person, you sometimes have the feeling that parts of the people of Zurich have forgotten how to speak. A communication case out. This condition is interesting. You could hear from the outside that the people here use new and modern means of communication. Or is the Zurich spirit more of a calm nature and you like to linger in your thoughts ?! The fact that we spend more and more time with smartphones is an international phenomenon, not necessarily a problem. What should a commuter do if he takes the same route every day. There is a glimpse into the entertainment world where something new is offered every day, pure variety. At this point, for all haters and lovers. The creative people manage to revitalize this market time and time again. Yes, we creatively manage to captivate you. is not it beautiful? Now everyone has to know that for themselves. Our nature calls for something new and for new experiences. A driving force in us and in industry. How about if people were satisfied with everyday life? It would be like that, but it would be different. How people in Zurich treat each other is nice to see. You value a respectful approach. I gave the city of Zurich the title of interesting “Spirit”. Art and creativity can be found in many areas of Switzerland, at least this statement can be found in many magazines. Zurich is always highlighted here. But you need an eye for detail. Universal and standard is not bad, but it shows how rigid a community is and how little fighting spirit one is willing to break it up. Here one house is seldom the same as another. Old new and modern, as well as futuristic and the supplementary connection component of the technology is currently being fully ramped up and polished for the 21st century. Digital and full networking have arrived in Zurich. The building block as a seal that the region has not lost touch with the future. What does the future mean in a solar system where everything always runs according to one and the same pattern? Zurich does not have to be compared with other cities, does Zurich even want to be compared with others? Only the competition needs this constant comparison. But in order to investigate this question, I'll ask one or the other which cities it can be compared with. Is Zurich a New Modern Society? or are only the people who live and move in Zurich New Modern? My ingenuity has definitely been able to discover one or the other thing where something is missing. This is my business. To create something new. Just like now, letter by letter. What should you take with you if you are here for a short time or if you want to stay here longer.

A boat trip on the lake, of course. Visiting the zoo, lingering with the numerous monkeys and gorillas can be very entertaining. A walk along the Limmat. Visit the Museum of Design, there are even two of them. There is often a curtain change here. At Bürkliplatz there is traditionally a flea market with 100 stalls on Saturdays. Cafes galore. The Uetliberg as a must-see event to look into the distance and the region around Zurich. The way up to the observation tower with 2 CHF is more than fair. For all those who don't have much time or think that you can use the daily time more sensibly, buy a scooter, a manual scooter that you have to propel yourself to move (here you are simply called a scooter, the stories around these scooters are already 11 years old and have already provided for many articles in newspapers and on TV, remember it's only about one scooter.


If it would be more convenient, you can of course also go to

Buy a used bike quickly and easily. Called Velo in Schwyzer German. Of course there are also bike dealers in the city center with good used ones, but of course you pay a different price here. I have to say that you actually only see a few cyclists in relation to all the others who move around the city. Why this is so remains a mystery to me. But puzzles are known to be particularly interesting. Those who do not find both practical and convenient can fall back on a monthly subscription, the 9 o'clock pass with all zones. You can use it anywhere in Zurich. The ships and express trains included. Information can also be found in the . I don't want to anticipate too many beautiful things, after all it is always an experience to discover cities yourself. Visiting hotspots and living in Zurich can be compared to day and night.


But you should always have one thing with you and that is Google Maps, he / she / it / we will take you everywhere. At some LiDL branches, smartphones can even be charged in lockers, that's SMART developing. You don't even need to have a charging cable with you. That is by the way. If you still want to know a thing or two, just write. Writing connects the whole world and that in an incredible number of languages.






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