Quartal  Due

The world is caught by a virus called COViD 19. The first time in digital history that an entire world lies at the feet of an element. Not visible to the eye. An anomaly of nature. The concentrated power of an international community is now on one level to show whether it really belongs together or this consensus only exists on paper. The world groans and wheezes, this state was known even before ViRUS. How do you want to read it? You can read it any way you want! The cities are empty and the people stay at home. The industry and all people who have pursued an activity freeze into a kind of sleep mode. Not half the strength nor quite a bit below.


The sun rises anyway if you can befriend her. Do you notice the sun at all? Isn't the view around us restricted for most people anyway? Who of you has seen such a clear starry sky recently? Do you look at the stars again? Everyday life in front of Corona is like a machine in which everyone has their place and it has to work. It is a piece of history that we can experience. May in the sense of, since glad that you still have your life. The number of those who can not say this is increasing steadily. May these have found your peace.


Whoever deals with scientific topics always looks for causes and reasons. So here too. Recognizing parallels and correlations that triggered the whole spectacle are very popular. Mine is spelled like this: The planet our nature has bared its teeth and given us humans a memo. Man is the enemy of nature. A threat to diversity and beauty. Historically, living things have always died out and new ones have come. If a species is not useful and disrupts ecosystems, it mysteriously dies out. Especially when you look at the energy balance of living beings, you quickly see that the big ones with a lot of energy consumption are systematically extinct. A process that has been taking place for many millions of years. Living things that were smaller down to the insect level then moved up. They are miracles in energy consumption, economical down to the last screw. So the new animals need less energy to survive. This benefits the entire ecosystem. This way, more animals can live in the world without starving others. The engineers would say the Earth is strategically opting for the new development of living things, which is more efficient living.


Outside in the animal and insect world is a come and go announced. It is difficult to understand exactly why the individual species really died out today. With dinosaurs one assumes a meteor impact from which the extinction on the land mass accelerated. Here the layers of earth above the found skeletons have provided clear indications. Viruses and diseases can be found everywhere today. Ultimately, these also ensure that an overpopulation cannot take place. So it seems to be a natural process when viruses spread. At this point it should be said that every animal, insect and plant has developed its own defense mechanism. Whether a sting, poison or the fierce battle between two titans through muscle, biting and tearing power. So every species is able to defend itself from enemies. Only a person can give up without a fight. They are gifts from nature. So no living thing has to be eaten without fighting.


If you look at the problems and damage to the earth caused by humans, you will find a clear connection.


We have so heavily polluted the atmosphere and the air of the earth by emitting Co2, among other things, that nature has thrown us back a snowball. The atmosphere and the air are symbolically the lungs of the planet. The corona virus attack on our body and organism also took place on the lungs. Coincidence? That is a sign, a parallel, unfortunately not more.

In our language one would say that nature shows us that you have disturbed my air system, now I am damaging your way of breathing. In the rule of law one speaks of the same with the same reward. Like you me so me you. It also sounds strong, nature has unpacked a weapon with which she fights us.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the actual knowledge about the origin and spread of viruses. The Old Indians and the Holy Tribes, which have been shown to have a strong connection to planet Earth and still have the remaining ones, would argue the other way around. It would read as follows: You have no idea about your science. This is the work of nature.

Mother Earth as responsible for everything. This is how it reads in the Old Traditions. We always believe that we are above everything, but more and more experts who have researched a lot are also those who question a lot.


The word anomaly in the development of viruses in humans would be such a process. But this anomaly would undermine all work and nature would emerge victorious from this crusade.


Since the corona still determines life, you have to collect a few facts here again. Suddenly families have more time for each other. Couples are currently experiencing a new world due to the state of being together. Other couples quickly threw in the towel and recognized that we would rather go our own way. Overall, this is a success. Couples who could not meet their friends for a long time and who were only in contact via digital media, may have recognized that togetherness in the long run makes our partnership much stronger. This way, groups of friends dissolve or the time intervals increase.


I have never seen so many people in the parka areas in my area. This was not even possible at the weekend. You can already see what this amounts to. But the hiking trails around the Teutoburg Forest were also packed like never before. Both cyclists and hikers. In sum, this means all these people have discovered a new relationship with nature. For many it remains a temporary discovery, but surely many will appreciate the value of nature and visit it more often.

On the edge, we now know that a forest is an island for the well-being of people. So go to the forest if you want to feel better. That could be the message. Suddenly people are much more interested in themselves. The situation and the circumstances compel us to do so. So you have found time to get to know each other better. With a little luck, new interests discovered. After all, with so much time, boredom spreads. The usual activities are quickly exhausted. We will certainly find many similar reports in the future that will underpin the whole extent.

My nature does not allow you to cheer more information that contains purely negative input. If you are so interested in it. Some are literally attracted to the negative, then you will get your money's worth in the news and forum blogger world out there. Quarter No.2 is still going on for a while. It is quite possible that an update will be delivered here. For today the 27/5/20 it should have been the first.





rinaldo imperiale