A Photo from a Diverse range, or a Group of the same Material

From a distance we all look the same and there is a certain pattern of behavior as soon as we start to move. In fast motion it would be nice to see that everyone will do the same and similar in their actions. There is a certain basic order.

All we see in material is the market and reflects our small part of being in individuality.

The true strength and adaptability of this gathering of people will be revealed as soon as everyone moves together to solve tasks together.

What and which new products would enhance this photo? What services could you create so that this scene not only shows relaxation, but also boosts business acumen and comfort? Bring the ringing of the cash registers to life!

That is exactly the point, so new things emerge. Every scene can be an inspiration to develop a place further.


But first you have to shove everyone into the cold water. There's no plan for that.


You found your way here by accident. Great, then let's make something of it.


Miss an idea a suit? Applying an idea to a design? Turn an idea into architecture? Make an idea beautiful and carry it to the saloon?


Build a company with an idea that doesn't use the word StartUp, which is indispensable in the media.

The big dream of creating something never seen before? Move the distant UniCorn closer. Nothing easier than that.


So only the right people with the right "ideas" have to come together at one table at the right time. Not to forget, this "idea" must be rated as correct by investors. At best, everyone has to complement each other with their skills. Quite a lot of coincidences have to happen so that everything runs properly. In principle it sounds really easy, doesn't it?


One or the other mathematician out there could now calculate whether the whole thing was still a coincidence and if so how high the probability was. Was it really a coincidence, or was there a higher power behind all of this?


I think we should just start. Falling down. Stand up and crown is for a whole generation and a large number of people with an incredible amount of optimism. So are you looking for "opportunities", do you need change? Would you like to play through your huge idea on all scenarios and experience the opinions, points of view and perspectives of everyone once? Put pros and cons in the balance of time. Shake up the country with a brainstorming campaign and seize the opportunities of the market.


As you once said: E Pluribus Unum.

Many become one.



Easy, write to me and everything will find a way.