The Water of our Time

Contents: The basic order and the structures of every molecule in the tap drinking water have been destroyed. Energetic content is questioned. Can rising water molecules combine with information around the globe?

According to the principle of logic, one should stick to fresh natural spring water.

The information content should be nicer.

(Physics - metaphysics)

In which direction should the tree of knowledge about water begin? It would be easy if people had not collected so much research and information about water until today. But the quality that we take from knowledge from textbooks = literature and the knowledge that is available to us citizens in magazines deals with completely different topics. In essence, I would like to pay attention to the energetic part of “Our water” in this contribution. Briefly explained energetically. Healthy, untouched water from nature looks beautiful under laboratory conditions. As beautiful as a snowflake, a crystal. We find a structure in every water molecule, each one unique. Like a fingerprint, a DNA. The structures that show clean natural water are not only beautiful but also look mathematically correct. Symmetrical, uniform and unique. Each branch of the flake can be viewed at a measurable angle. But water from the pipes no longer shows this healthy order of the water molecules.

The structure no longer exists.

A comparison to this, foods that have been processed are processed very poorly by our body. This plays a major role in fruit and fructose. Fruit throughout your meal is much healthier than the squeezed juice. So you read it again and again. Can you see a parallel here?

We humans have always researched Bigger and bigger in many areas of life and that over a long period of time. Only with technical progress was it possible for us to discover even the smallest microscopic elements and to grasp them visually. Our drinking water in Germany is drinkable, it is in magazines and is often recommended. The Drinking Water Ordinance and a Drinking Water Act complete the whole and should also clear up any last doubts.

Without a doubt, there are also limit values ​​for drinking water in what amount of pollution is allowed. It has to be said here that it has not been clearly and long enough researched what and which amount is actually harmful. The limit values ​​could also be lower, but the problem is that the pollution has risen steadily in recent years. Even with more effort to clean the water, you would not get these values ​​below the old limits again. In short, you simply raise the limit values.

The framework in which our tap water is tested in the laboratory and the areas that are included in the assessment of the water quality are severely limited.

So although officially much more input about “Our water exists”, I and you are only given part of the whole. OK. That's the way it is. Fortunately, one can deal much more profoundly than ever before with knowledge about water. The Internet and the many publications make it possible. The double-edged sword of publications unfortunately always consists of two parties. Some make money from water. Here you will find researchers and scientists who write articles on behalf of the companies and commission studies that should outshine any criticism of the others. The lobbyists. The other party fights for education among the population and ultimately campaigns for the well-being of society.

Not everyone has heard that the water has an anomaly at 4 degrees. Anomalies are not too common in our previously accumulated knowledge. Googled. Science says it is comparable to the circle number “Pi” 3.14 which leads you to infinity.

Over the years, a large scientific branch has emerged that has dealt with the structure of all possible water qualities. These include spring water, natural mineral water, ground water, mountain water, sea water, dead water, sea water, well water, pond water, distilled water and some others. Even sacred sources have been studied. Holy sources can be particularly emphasized here. There is, for example, a water source near “Mecca”, which stands out again because of its beauty in the manner in which it is shaped. In a photo competition, you would put them on a podium.

It was interesting for me because I started using tap water as drinking water. It is also recommended. Simple and always available. It is advertised inexpensively and in an environmentally friendly manner under this sign and is partly correct. Whereby the bees from the marketing world are legally cheered for absolute freedom from fools. So there are areas where “freedom” is very important. According to current knowledge, drinking water in the form of tap water is harmless. At the same time, there are still no long-term studies from which a pro or a negative could be derived. All in all, the lines read, but only. Tap water is even offered at public utility events. Last but not least, it only costs a fraction. Chilled to refrigerator temperature, it is also good to drink, in my experience. Here in my city there are actually 2 degree temperature differences when the water comes out of the pipe. It's warmer here. Our taste receptors are learnable and adaptable. No problem.

We Germans like to save, but too often at the wrong corner. Good advertising is partly to blame for this. Gullibility is a weakness and only fills the pockets of others. In times when new ideas are fished every day from the sea, where everything is about saving energy, it is not surprising that “Drink water from the tap can be heard” again and again. A trend that limits the citizens even more and our conscience. I think it's not good.

How would it be with. You have to adapt the production sites and the industries in an environmentally friendly way by converting them and building new plants in a friendly way. Then we automatically get the best of every generation that engineering has to offer. It must be designed so that it can still be updated decades later. With Gretha Thunberg a new chapter on climate and environmental protection was started. Finally there is a big stage with a young leading actress who has found her way and her calling. Created with a sign in hand, but alone with a message that addressed all of us. Climate protection has become trendy and is suddenly appealing to more young people than ever before. But trends are limited in time, as history shows. The half-life of trends is very mixed.

At you can definitely find something here!

What is constant except here and now ...

Science changes its work every few years and sometimes even every few days, thus 100-folds the point of view on previous results. A misleading but exciting instrument.

By drinking tap water, we can all do our part to save energy, I think that is now clear to everyone. It protects the doorbell bag and our nature. As always, the battle is fought on the shoulders of the citizens. Citizens make the most mess because you live the way you want to live. This is roughly the average reading in many magazines. Do more of this and do more of it, just don't live the way you want. Bla bla bla. Public opinion speaks what it has previously read in magazines and seen on TV. Talking mainstream and not having your own opinion is easy and convenient. Almost like, it is eaten what comes on the table. Thinking is not everyone's cup of tea. If you listen to the citizens chatting on the street sometimes, or even the neighbors, you have the feeling that a television is talking there. There is parroting what the stuff holds. Is that the real reason why young people only have music on their ears?

No matter where you meet them. Has the world become like "And the marmot greets you every day" New information and interesting dialogues have become rare. This is just a variable of a society as you can find it. Welcome. After all, some directors are breaking new ground to permanently change dialogues and communication. To mention here: Quentin Tarantino.

In order to find my way back to the topic of water, I briefly outline a few key data. By drinking tap water for a long time I have noticed almost imperceptible gradual changes in overall well-being. Above all, degradation of vitality can be emphasized, attitude towards life and positive energy + an overall good well-being. How can this be justified? Fortunately, nature has built in dozens of adjusting screws to circle the problem, why man A or B is doing badly! But if you have changed something in your way of life or your habits, it is obvious to look there first. In my case, switching to tap water. The tap water that we use in Germany has a low proportion of minerals and a high lime content. Few minerals are good for flushing out pollutants and cleansing the body, were it not for the many pollutants that do not belong in the water. The experts explain it this way. Minerals Rich water is a fully fueled car, it can't take much with us on our way through the body, of course the tank is almost full. But that is exactly what it is and is one of the main tasks of water in our human biological system. In times when we are demonstrably less concerned with healthy eating, the stress in the body increases per se. The body has to put a shovel on it so that there is no jam when cleaning. But that's exactly what happens to many, people have jams in the process of breaking down substances that are often read "detox". The additional burden of water has to be compensated for, unless we do not adapt additional activities or habits that promote the flushing out. The food industry is celebrating once again because sales of your products are unbroken. At the expense of our health.At this point it should be said that the curriculum in schools like Our education system is structured, all topics relating to health only vaguely or hardly deal with. One wonders, shouldn't health be essential when students go to school to learn? After all, it is economically the taxpayers of tomorrow. So what use are these to us if each of the children achieves limited performance at> 30 years and spends a large part of everyday life restoring their own health or maintaining it. The price of an inadequate educational policy!

The tap water - drinking water is low in minerals, as already mentioned this is good, but if it weren't for that! Who likes the strong contradiction ?! Well, the many substances that you can no longer remove from the drinking water cycle can influence the overall well-being in my view. Not overnight, but with drinking tap water from the tap, this is quite conceivable. There are no long-term studies on this. Which tap water drinker would also see the cause of the water. As a citizen, one thinks of 100 other things, but ultimately of the 70% we are made up of, the water.

To remind you again of what you can find in tap water, I list these unsavory acquaintances:

Pesticides from fertilizers Insects & crop protection agents - Remnants of medication - Hormones - Heavy metals - Chemical substances in traces - Bacteria - Viruses.

(Exact information can be found here: link)

In this way, we introduce more garbage into our bodies than if we were to buy conventional natural mineral water. If you have a source in front of the door, you can also use it free of charge. The water can be tested for a fee, and extensive water analyzes are also possible, see here. A high number of sources have already been tested and can also be viewed online on a map. There are people who have made the effort. e.g. in the spring water Atlas link.

With purchased water, especially spring water, there are a lot of substances "not" that are floating around in the clarified and newly prepared drinking water network.

Spring water has completed the natural path of the water cycle. An almost naturally created perpetual motion machine.

Video about the cycle of water is available here: Video 1 = 2min + Video 2 = 15min For BR TV.

At the beginning of this article I reported on structures and symmetries in our water. The basic order in the healthy untouched water cycle. Above all, natural spring water simply looks good / beautiful under the microscope. Science cannot draw any conclusions about this beauty and its impact on our bodies, yet not yet. But this order that you can see in it definitely has a positive impact on us. How we absorb water and how the body reacts to it. The problem that the water researchers have found is as follows.

If you take water from drinking water systems from various municipal utilities and drinking water treatment systems, terrifying and unsettling structures have emerged. Namely that there are no more structures. The natural element water has been torn apart a thousand times. Like a piece of the puzzle, a piece of what you understand by a whole. Have you seen an explosion from a star? Then you also know what the opposite of a whole is. Research, science and logic agree on this point. The treated water is no longer in its original form. The procedure for transporting water is carried out by high pressure pipes, which additionally damage the structures. It's a bit like having to repair an original too many times. You can symbolically take the person who has already undergone several medical interventions. Today we know that nothing can replace nature. Above all when it comes to offering us humans a product for consumption that at least in part was created chemically in the laboratory. There are a variety of nutritional supplements or all the magic that you can find in the pharmaceutical industry. The body of our organism struggles to excrete 100% of everything used. There are always remnants somewhere that the body cannot process. As well as? It is all of foreign origin! These are found in large numbers in our body the more we stuff ourselves with artificial chemical things. The body likes and can only process nature perfectly. Everything is split up without residue and brought into the energy cycle. The biologists are already sure today, if we can keep it up for a few hundred years, with these new habits, the body and the metabolism will adapt to this way of life. Our DNA will reprogram itself to the industrial good of the future. Maybe only in a few thousand years.

At least one advantage can be drawn from it. In the future we will just get one capsule, either a red or a blue one. This capsule contains the full energy and calorie content in a highly compressed form. Including all minerals, vitamins, proteins = proteins + carbohydrates. The problem of starvation if the population doubled to 16 billion would no longer be an issue. Even 30-40 billion could be fed up with it.

The question that arises in the room: How much can the torn water molecule provide the information the body needed to exchange information? The source of natural origin and the organism have always been used to it. Can this form of water still perform its cleaning and functional tasks. There is a lively exchange of communication between water and the cells in the body. Water contains information, so it can store information. At the same time, you do a lot of research on the memory of water and it seems to have it. How it works is not yet clear. Several countries conduct research and invest time and money in this area. Water is more alive than we would like and is full of microorganisms and living things. Where there are living beings, there is quacking. Ask yourself how high the quality of the information may be if you always “consume water” which is taken from a cycle of used water and also contains the loads and the information of the residues. So it cannot be concluded that the basic information from our tap water must have long since been destroyed and if there are only fragments at all. So if water gives information to our body, it can no longer be something original. Here, too, you cannot say that everyone who drinks drinking water from the tap will experience any side effects in the short term. But the body gets used to the qualities that we give ourselves. A sip of water from the tap here and there does not make the balance falter. But for many years, the body exchanges the entire water cycle from fresh spring water with high-quality energy and healthy structures, which is stored in every cell of our body, for a controversial and treated water source.

The natural cycle of water is like regeneration. Until the water evaporates and flows back into the groundwater through rain, it naturally passes through many contact points where new natural information is absorbed, exchanged, transformed and stored. Maybe not new, but it corresponds to the water cycle, as we believe, that it has worked for billions of years. What has not been extensively studied, however, is the fact that the Ascending Water Molecules are exposed to a variety of information sources. For example, radio and broadcasting - satellite signal - mobile radio - internet wifi - natural earthly information through the elements and particles that can be found in the atmosphere before they unite to form a swarm in a cloud. Not to be sneezed at by the omnipresent release of energy in the form of light. Cosmic rays and neutrinos. Radiation experts could name more sources that penetrate our atmosphere, sometimes more and sometimes less.

In this way, can water store information that is ultimately absorbed by us in the body and possibly makes us feel positive. Like the note “B” from Mozart. Our cells and our organism, as well as the animals around us and nature can absorb this information from the water drop? Every atom and every cell in ours

Body is able to communicate with each other. So what would our body symbolically speak for a language if one supplies it with destroyed drinking water that has been repaired and copied a thousand times over? I simply suspect that the body's own communication is disturbed and changes in the long term. At least it would be logical. Communication sciences already know how little signal is needed to stir up whole swarms or groups and to disrupt the language among themselves. The cocktail from the “WHAT” in the water speaks volumes! Everything in the body is in constant communication with everything. Every form of nutrient we add works a process / installation / dismantling process, so that each component is split up and arrives in the body where it has tasks to perform. The living organism is in constant dialogue with everything. We don't notice any of it, our perception has been reduced to the signal of drinking and eating. However, a few out there can understand more than just that. One speaks of sensitivity and sensitivity in this context.

The human organism is constantly changing and that for many thousands of years. We carry 70% of the element of water with us. The earth also has a share of 70%, just a water planet. At the same time, water is the strongest basic food we need to function. The archetype of renewal and cleaning. From a biological point of view, water is one of our oldest friends, an irreplaceable companion. So the water has a special connection to us and we to it. But what is the basis? the information ?! Some are more aware of this than others. Even Hollywood has conjured up the topic of water in a variety of science fiction films on the canvas. Memory - storage capacity, yes and there you went one step further and presented water as a holistic “being”. The lively exchange and communication on a molecular level between all metabolizing products has always been natural from an evolutionary perspective. So much for our understanding. The source was always natural. Never before in history has a body had to deal with water structures that have been completely torn and destroyed. Torn up by the treatment of drinking water plants.

Our body has such fine-tuned processes that you can be seen in the laboratory. Every vitamin, every mineral, as well as fats, proteins and carbohydrates, also known as the end product glucose, has a permanent place in every “nano mm” of our body area. Everything is part of a large puzzle of nutrients and only the body can use everything as the metabolic plan in the DNA provides. Every cell is a power plant. We are tuned to nature and have been for a very long time. Our physical and mental escapades that we are experiencing in the age of industrialization are completely new territory, even if our senses like to submit to everything. "Seduction by industry". But when it comes to understanding the mechanisms better, it quickly becomes clear that the more chemical substances are processed in the body, the slower the processes in our body. There is a traffic jam in the mining and recycling process. Emulsifiers are just a speed limiter in our metabolism. The beautiful synchronous behavior in all our cells and power plants becomes a bumpy cobblestone journey. Anyone who can imagine an egg clockwork knows. Cheers.

The beautiful our body can transmit signals that make us understand whether and when something is wrong. Eaten wrong or spoiled? Drinked too much or too little? The examples here seem endless, like “Pi”. You already know today that we misinterpret signals and instead of drinking we simply eat something. Can tap water interfere with these types of signals in the long term? I guess so. If we recognize the language of the body correctly, we can act faster! It is amazing what repair programs a body can set in motion. Nature knows how it works. With all our progress, humans are taking on more and more machine trains. With so many unconscious automatic programs running in the background, no wonder. For a few days now I have turned off the tap of drinking tap water. As before, it should only do classic tasks. Clean my household. Get the laundry clean. Keep plants from drying out. But I won't drink it anymore. After a few days there were significant improvements. If something similar has happened to you, then of course I'm happy. Tell your friends and family about my story and if you know people who also drink a lot of tap water, ask them about their well-being. Most of all, elderly people in our society need good, strong water. You underestimate the power of water.

In the future I would rather question it more often or apply the principle of logic when and where something can be really good for me and for you. Now and then a glass of tap water is enough to bring a healthy body climate out of balance? For me the topic is done. At the same time, I will continue to look for findings and new scientific results, which will draw conclusions about whether and to what extent the structureless tap water affects our health and much more our inner body language and our inner mind. I will also be interested in the information and exchange sector between molecules, atoms and us humans.


rinaldo imperiale

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