The Story of Luxor

The year 2020 is One Week before the official shutdown by the determining countries start.

I had Egypt on my screen for a long time. The Architectural art of the past many thousands of years has fascinated me.

Buildings of the past are usually nothing special. But a couple of scientists and a couple of architects have highlighted the special features of the buildings, palaces and temples in various documentations and interviews. Man is positively magnetically attracted to something when others say that a string of mysteries hangs on these buildings of the ancient pharaohs. A bit like when an adult tells the children no, you are not allowed in there, it's haunted. True to the motto now even more so. Officially, the buildings of the ancient Egyptians are not haunted, but many visitors and travelers report positive and negative energy that emanates from these structures. Meteorologists and geologists say it can also be traced back to the electric magnetic field. Well. So it seems to have been on the lookout for something special when choosing the locations. As far as we know, you can feel the energy fields today, depending on what position you were in at the time, so you naturally got better at it in the course of time. If there were no experts for this, you had to have a special measuring technique that can recognize where electric fields run with this strength. (Content: 114 photos)

Just before landing in Hurghada. The sun with us. In the realm of the pharaohs, with the setting of the sun, a change in the world of gods begins, the scepter of power is temporarily handed over.

After landing, yours truly will enter Holy Land. Did it feel that way too? More on that later.

I save myself telling a lot about flying at this point, but the fact that we can do it is still something special.

The sun set was faster than expected. The airport is not big, but its layout is interesting. Above all marble and gloss show up. Simple design meets durability.

It was not possible to reach Luxor at the same evening. So i had to stay the first night in a good but remote resort hotel. Dinner and a dance in colorful clothes provided entertainment in the evening after a long day. The photo shows the view into the Orient of another world.

At the first big stopover, after driving for a few hours, travelers could stock up some snacks, drinks and souvenirs. When leaving the restaurant, a small group of children gathered, as always, who wanted to win a few gifts from the travelers. Surrounded by a big nothing, seen for many miles, there is still a mountain of happiness on their faces. That's nice. For the moment it conveys that everything is fine. Is it natural happiness or temporary happiness because the travelers are always different and it is always a great experience. You may find answers to this later.

The Tour guide used the moment to explain that from a religious point of view there is a difference between people who appear fully veiled in public and who cover their face except for the eyes and those who only wear a headscarf. A language of its own in a world of its own with its own traditions.

After 30 min. we continued on a desolate and barren landscape. If you didn't know where you are, you could also be on Mars, or anywhere else on a planet in the universe. Despite almost zero precipitation and hardly any superficial water sources, life there has survived and adapted. Of course, you don't notice that much on the bus because they are rather small creatures. Who can call the fallow land with little vegetation their own.

Here we see the great 360 degree Picture done with a Ricoh Camera, its a great experience to work with it. She is just stunning, you can't tell by what she can do. This is the lobby. On the left the Hotel manager and on the right Milad he was my contact person during the stay.

The Arab world loves sweet, after arriving at the hotel in Luxor, there was an ultra-sweet cherry juice, so sweet that I had to get mineral water. The lobby in the 4 star Iberotel was very inviting and flooded with light. The special thing about this hotel is that it is located at the back directly on the Nile.

The small mountainous and hilly landscape in the background is the West Bank known in Luxor. Luxor is divided into east and west by a ferry across the Nile. Although both sides are not enemies, life is absolutely different.

On day 1, I was still looking at the mountains and setting off a carriage so that the Egyptians from Luxor could get me a motorcycle.

It wasn't the fastest or most conventional way to get a motorcycle, but it was exciting. Here you can see how people talk to each other and see where you can get a motorcycle from quickly. Of course everyone here has the prospect of a small commission. To German a small agency fee.

You could already see this temple when you took the bus into the city of Luxor. It is part of the Luxor Temple. This shot was one of the first since the motorcycle was delivered. However, it is an outside shot, you don't have to go inside, this part of the complex is oriented towards the Nile. In between is a big road. The height is about 10m. These columns and the related type of architecture were later found among the Greeks and Romans. Even today many important buildings, especially in America, are built in this style. Only in the front and at the entrance, but you can see that certain structures have survived in architecture over the millennia. That alone is remarkable.

As a traveler you will of course be noticed in a city like Luxor, especially when you are traveling alone. But I can tell you that whoever travels alone has the chance to get to know people. It's always different and special. After I stopped at this bread stand, there are a large number of these bread stands in Luxor, where they always prefer to stuff whole bags with bread and baked goods. You pay an average of 10 Egyptian pounds for it. That corresponds to about 1-2 €. The boy spontaneously sat down on the machine and was visibly happy. Small talk is not uncommon in Luxor. Sometimes the locals just want to sell you something. That first day wasn't enough for a motorcycle, but with a 125ccm I got through the day really well. It was a luxury, riding a motorcycle is and remains a great experience. Especially because you can see life in the city very differently.

My first Arabic pizza from Egypt in Luxor and even though it was excessively overloaded with cheese, it was really great. The rest was vegetarian, vegetable. For just under 20-25 Egyptian pounds, about 4-6 € including a bottle of water, there was a bite to eat and a view of the busy shopping street. This restaurant also delivers with two-wheelers. Not because it is cheaper, but because the streets and alleys in Luxor are small and where you are big there is usually traffic jam.

At MC Donald`s we know today that curse and blessings have shaken hands. I was really puzzled by how full this MC Donalds was. First of all it is of course much more expensive than the surrounding shops, but apparently M Donald's has made a name for himself there too. Of course, from my point of view I cannot say whether it was locals or travelers who visited Luxor for a day.

The next morning these ascending balloons really woke me up. Okay admittedly, it was more like the coffee that I had, for once, delivered to my room. He wasn't special, making good coffee is an art in itself. The service employee pointed out to me on the phone that if I got the coffee myself it wouldn't cost anything. So there was still a tip and the service industry lives from it.

After day 2 started without a motorcycle, we took a taxi to the ferry and over to the WESTBANK. The ferry was very empty on this trip. Usually ferries are always very busy. The rattling and vibrating of the old diesel engine has transported one or the other to a whole different time. The crossing is less than 5 minutes. made. The day's goal was to visit the Valley of the Kings. With the taxi you have to drive 10-15km.

May I introduce that Abdallah is my taxi driver, a good and, above all, likeable guy. So if you ever need a taxi, ask for him before or after the ferry. He can speak English well.

Not only can it take you to the Valley of the Kings, but it also has a few other routes and sights.

WESTBANK has a lot to offer.

It was a hot day in late February 2020

For 100 Egyptian pounds you could see 4 graves. There are also tickets where you can see everything, but with currently 64 graves this is really a challenge. Especially since not all of them are always open at the same time. The 4 were completely sufficient for this visit. The plateau is very extensive and you should have comfortable or sturdy shoes for the walk. Nothing with thin and high heels, unless your wife can walk barefoot sometimes.

Even if the whole plateau around the Valley of the Kings looks accessible and tidy now, a few hundred years ago everything looked like it was just an insignificant landscape with hills and a few mountains.

The great thing about these facilities is that they are huge and mysterious. Today it is assumed that the pharaohs and their kings left many more hiding places around the land of Egypt. For history and the egyptologist, this is of course a dream. Puzzle after puzzle, a completely different picture gradually emerges. International cooperation continues.

Here we see a team of egyptologist, from Switzerland that is part of his

Presenting work and exchanging news.

These few blankets with broken glass and puzzle pieces are the result of many

Years of work that many do not see. A mystery what an effort made

is used to restore the past.

Now follow a series of photos and hieroglyphs that had a special attraction for me..

You can see from the figures and paintings today that different cultures were in contact with the Egyptians. Rather with the builders of the burial chambers.

The first long and slender dogs on my way. If only the body were to be used as a yardstick, you are very much in favor of greyhounds. A ceremony is shown here, ceremonies were very often worked into the walls and on temples for the show.

Here we see a very familiar form in the expression in the hieroglyphic language. Each figure is shown in a closed and isolated environment. One has here adapted to the synonym of the cartridge. For me it symbolically shows a whole, in its unity with a story.

What is striking here is that apparently many of the same symbols and hieroglyphs are involved. Above all, the way that many repeat themselves in their process is not seen that often, but often, depending on the story. Whatever events were actually recorded here, in the beginning the same conditions played a role. Only further up, other processes are added and with them other hieroglyphs.

Today you would see a kind of synchronicity in it, but it did not work properly in all phases.

A beautiful story can be seen here in a picturesque way, one can highlight here. Everything that is big was important, everything that was shown often as well. So here the circle and the symbol for the sun are obviously something special. The woman on the right beautifully shows the balance of the sun in the circle and the man on the left. If the figure were a sign of the zodiac today, then one would be able to assign the scales to it. Fortunately, there are no limits to your imagination. The posture can also mean that a woman needs the sun and the man to be happy. Both elements create a balance in the depicted woman. It can also mean that the sun and man were of equal worth. The woman had to choose one of the two! You can see and read a lot in the hieroglyphs if you take enough time.

Here you can see that below the sun a crocodile-looking animal accompanies the sun up to the ascent, literally drives it on, and the crocodile is accompanied by other animals. The setting of the sun each day is driven by the scarab, which is a symbol of good luck. As the sun sets and falls, so does the strength and power of the man depicted on the left. The transition from the corporeal physical world to the spiritual. The mind or soul leaves the body overnight or in sleep and is well absorbed by the opening arms. Symbolic. In truth, with the transition the gate opens into another world. Whereby what is true and what is untrue remains a mystery forever. Unless the culture of the pharaohs reappears out of nowhere and really tells what it all means. Although we know a lot about the scriptures today, there is always a residual risk that everything was completely different. That is part of a reality.

Is this part of a trading deal? One could think that while the seated baboon is stretching out her arms and hands to God, the other woman pulls the objects of desire backwards. It shows that there is apparently something in return. The writers of the time recorded the important events back then, just as we do today. When at some point the day began when the plans for the pharaohs' tomb were finished, the old but important stories were followed by the writing down and representation of all the events that a pharaoh of his time experienced.

Some photos just have to speak for themselves ...

These long corridors are sometimes more and sometimes less decorated on the walls and given a story. It may mean that not all pharaohs and rulers have done a lot, or it may not have created enough stories

to have. It is also said that due to the construction of some graves there was simply no time planned to make everything so pompous and colorful. But we don't know what the real reasons are. There are many options. The special thing about these long corridors is on the one hand that they are built very deep and on the other hand they are very precise. Geometrically correct like a rectangular tunnel. The longer it was to get to the grave, the longer the history of the ruler seemed to have been. Whether the length of the rule also played a role? The work that was done there is still impressive. Building art, architecture, engineers, planners, art, language and painting and ultimately the many workers meet in one place. This is the only way to have a result through community.

At the end of a long road, travelers are rewarded ...

After a few kilometers on your feet you can get together in the middle of the Valley of the Kings Prima to exchange impressions and thoughts. All of that over a coffee or mocha. One should take a look at what it is like to stay in a place that played a central role for the Egyptian country and population many thousands of years ago.

Here we see a tour guide who specializes in burial chambers. You can find them on site at most sights. They can be booked online, in the hotel or on recommendation.

Enough for today with the Valley of the Kings, now a call follows to Abdallah and the taxi driver was within 20 minutes. on site. This is followed by the colossi at the WESTBANK, a well-deserved lunch and a visit to a craft forge that uses various materials such as alabasta, granite, marble to make the most beautiful figures and individual pieces, and some industrial goods are also to be found.

The seated robots from a distant galaxy

with the setting sun the window of time opens up to capture the special colors in a photo. The transition from day to night is imminent. This chic old and almost historic Peugeot was Abdallah's tool. Even driving in such an old car is something special.

This shop with tradition is located between the Valley of the Kings and the Nile. Handcraft and rare pieces, up to unique pieces, can be found there.

The view of the Nile. The restaurant was highly recommended to me when I asked for a restaurant with a nice view.

Unfortunately, I don't remember what lunch was called, but it was delicious ...

The return journey from WESTBANK to EASTBANK.

A day on the Nile turns into night. (Day 2 in Luxor)

The third day doesn't promise anything at first, if you organize your trip yourself, everything will come to you. Since the trip is only 5 days long and you have already lost the first day with the journey and the stopover, the real time in which you can take something from Luxor is short. On site you then find out how many options you have and so an excursion adds up here and there. If you want to see a lot of Egypt, you should invest 30 days in several trips.

Day 3 was clearly a picture book day. There are many taxi drivers on every corner. Many offer you after you have reached your destination to wait on the spot for the return trip. That is of course meant nicely, but as a traveler you never know how long you will stay in a temple, especially not if it has the dimensions of the Karnak temple. A huge area as extensive as 5 soccer fields. So much history, languages and scripts in one place. It can quickly happen that you forget the time in such a place. It was like that. Although my idea was to explore the city on my own, I met an older tour guide. As it turned out afterwards, it was good. With Shawki Abdel Rady the journey begins through a bygone era.

We talk in English after just a few sentences an interesting kind of conversation arises. It's not your normal or ordinary entertainment. It is the topic but also the knowledge and the old traditions that make it so exciting. Of course, sympathy and charm are also involved. That’s all part of it. Should I ever be in Luxor again, then I would very likely use him again.

Just a few photos to show how much beauty can still be found in the temple complexes.

Not only that you are amazed at how interesting and impressive such a facility is. If you look into the faces of the visitors, fascination is reflected in all areas. Time travel has never been easier.

This stone was related to happiness, everyone who could touch this stone or who was allowed to touch it was facing a special life. However, it is not clear whether this stone was accessible to everyone at the time.

Here from the approaching bird's eye view the area and the dimensions of the entire facility.

This passage is known as the ascent. But here we are dealing with the divine, equating spiritual with spiritual ascension. The builders of these systems loved to depict the ascent in the structures again and again. Pyramids, temples and other structures show it. Symbolically, one could think that one would be closer to heaven. Today one would simply say, yes, the stairs only served the purpose of giving employees and rulers a better foresight. Of course this is also correct, but not primarily.

This is what it looks like at the end of the corridor ...

You can see from Shawki Abdel Rady that this Ar

make you happy and satisfied.

To share knowledge

is something good. We have all learned from ancestors and the older generations

Shawki Abdel Rady works with an official license that only certified employees get. You can reach him under these phone numbers and make an appointment:

This number is the right one for WhatsApp: (+20) 01122328007.

For a personal conversation, dial this number: (+20) 01002058278. He not only specializes in offering his own tours in the Karnak Temple, no, he also takes care of other excursion destinations. So you can book sights of the West Bank and East Bank, boat trips, boat trips and balloon experiences through him. Since his services are constantly expanding, it is worth talking to him about it. If you would like to see and experience other coveted destinations in Egypt you will also find programs lasting several days. For example Asuan, Abu Simbel, Red Sea, Dendara and Abydos. Greet him warmly from me in the classic style with salamaleikum - in Arabic peace be with you.

The Obelisks from this period can still be found today in modern architecture.

Especially in America you serve an appreciative purpose. Don't forget how much you've learned from this culture. Even today people are eagerly looking for new answers to our questions.

An obelisk is also the oversized shape of a sharpened pencil, isn't it. It even shows the shape of a ship. It would be aerodynamic enough. Anyone who has seen the launch of a space shuttle today knows how a rocket stands before it takes off into space. So was an obelisk the bearer of early engineering inspiration? Why not.

Oumuamua, the interstellar asteroid that recently passed through the solar system, has a certain similarity. It has been given the name of a cigar shaped something. The obelisks are worked out with many inscriptions and memories and, among the Egyptians, filled with hieroglyphics and pictorial writing, which is less interesting today.

We no longer use picture font in the way it was used back then, but a photo fulfills almost all the properties of a modern picture font. You just have to be able to read the type of photography.

That was the Karnak Temple of Luxor for now, it's about 2 PM now. The taxi driver had to wait a few hours. After a bit of small talk like a taxi driver spends waiting and he drove me to the ferry place. From the West Bank we went with Abdallah in the direction of the "Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut". A very beautiful and, above all, elongated architecture. Huge stairs and steps. For a moment one wishes that there weren't always so many tourists in one place. Those who like it quieter either have to be there very early or wait until the end of opening hours. In both cases there is little traffic. Google Maps can also provide information on when visitor numbers are statistically low over the week. In some cases, real-time data is also provided.

Built into the mountain from afar ... with an accuracy that still provides interesting dialogues today.

With these Electric carts you are comfortably driven to the entrance.

As you can see, the steps are huge and made for big steps. Great people. Very tall people. Was it just nicer back then to build a smooth ascent into a temple or whether it was more pleasant to walk on this ascent ?! Who knows. You couldn't find anywhere whether this path was restored, but if it's original, there are no deep signs of wear from many transport trips or the like. Today, in simple terms, one would assume that it was built so that it is easier to get up there. It's just beautiful to look at. Architecture can be found everywhere. Architectures came, were improved, went, and were replaced by new ones. However, parts of the old architecture were often taken with them into the new era.

Have a look in which direction the rulers and visitors could look every day. Fertile land ahead and thousands of years ago, the vegetation and the area of grassland were significantly larger, according to various specialists. Impressive.

Protectors, guardians or simply service workers of these ancient temples? As a traveler, you can't ignore whatever small talk is about. Sympathy is half the battle when you deal with people on a daily basis. It was you.

Inner courtyard Hatshepsuth - حتشبسوت

One of the rooms you used to go to to spend time with the gods. But places like this also helped to make important decisions. Drawing inspiration for the future was an important element in keeping a country on the right track. Historically, that hasn't worked often.

This is what a dog's life looks like, the end of the working day for the bus drivers is getting closer.

Abdallah the taxi driver in cruise mode, now it's back ... a long day is drawing to a close. It felt like you unwound 7-10km.

Time doesn't play such a big role in Luxor, it's more about having a good time together.

The water taxi takes you comfortably to the landing stage in front of the hotel.

Day 3 in Luxor is almost at ...

On day 4 there is only one museum visit and then a few small talks with the people you got to know briefly here.

Peace of mind, patience and contentment have been portrayed like this ...

A panoramic view of the museum

One of the symbols that have survived to the present is an "Ankh".