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True to the motto which reality would you like to have?

You have a free choice at a fair. If it were that easy, thousands of people out there wouldn't have to philosophize about realities. The different understandings of what reality means divides the minds today, tomorrow and in the future. A constantly changing picture will be forged from reality every couple of years. Reality is not rigid. It is dynamic and full of energy like the cosmos.

In one sentence and officially: Everything we create and everything we experience is part of a common reality. It is based on events that are caused by nature and people. The news and social media are the messengers, the means of transport to carry the events and the realities of others out into the world.

But you are not part of your own reality that you are experiencing. You will quickly realize this when you stop consuming media in the form of news, TV and radio. Man quickly develops an island for himself that he tries to keep beautiful and pleasant. Build your palace by giving it life. Why should one also deal with bad realities that are sold to us? It does not conform to Natural Logic. Today with the rapid rise and advancement of technology it is ever easier to create new realities. If you want to use simple answers in reality, it is sufficient to travel to all countries of the world. Each is a world of its own. A culture of its own, with its own history and development. So you can say every country creates its own reality. The citizens in it draw and shape life together in a very special way. You create a reality. The more cohesion, the stronger the reality and the network that connects people. An invisible veil, one may also call it spirit, covers the city. But the modern West would like to change the realities of other countries, as it did then. There is evidence that he has done that. Why are many New Realities being created? You can make money with it. The public space as it is created by architects is an example. Architects are largely responsible for creating the same or similar reality. As a German, for example, if you visit parts of Switzerland or parts of the United States such as San Francisco, the thought comes to mind. It looks like ours. Shaping public space in this way ensures that a unified universal reality is created. Based on infrastructure and buildings. We move in it and it doesn't seem like anything special. On the other hand, the other continents and countries leave a lasting impression on each of us. Everything looks different in the Arab world, even in rural areas of China. A familiar reality is one that is similar everywhere. But if the reality is bad at first or the mood of boredom spreads, this is also easy to see when people buy less. Then it's time for developers, engineers and designers. They are all looking for ways and solutions to catapult people into new realities. So there is a need for the creation and development of New Realities. The market is big and lucrative. Very lucrative. In this way you can quickly fade out the grievances in which this world has been trapped for a long time with new realities. Yes, people like to pay for not wanting to see or experience the evil and the suffering. People liked to show themselves at galas with a glass ball that was once able to paint the future.

Today the glass ball has been transformed into a glass dome under which all seek protection to forget the wretched world, to evade theirs. It works. Welcome to the twenty-first century. Save your life by designing your reality the way you would like to experience it. That is freedom. Take a look at the crazy countries of the world. Some are so free that anything is possible. With so much freedom, you quickly discover the mixed world of many designers and architects.

We all create reality in the variable in which we move and in which we create something. The reality that you experience when you are with your family, your acquaintances, your friends, in a club, at the regulars' table, in the restaurant on excursions and on vacation as well as at work is part of it. You can shape and control every situation and every moment in such a way that a good moment develops for all participants and the result is a pleasant reality. This assumes that everyone with whom you live in a shared reality also plays along and everyone gives their best for themselves. Be a good person, but fuck the people who try to destroy your reality. Actually, you are not directly destroying reality, you are just not aware of the damage each one is causing. It is also possible that people have not given enough thought to the subject of reality. It is always the one chaot or the small group at every party or event that does not adhere to a good and pleasant reality. A small group can cause horror and bad experiences. This is part of the reality that we / you / I and you do not create. This phenomenon has been around for a long time. It used to be the rebels and the revolutionaries with their dream of liberating citizens and people. One for all, all for one. Today this small group is doing just the opposite. She wants to spread fear and horror. Both the big stage of reality is needed and used for this, as well as the small one when you go out and you see conflicts in the streets. Small or large in nature. The reality is that it arises somewhere out there on the planet and because we consume so much news, radio and TV, we allow this form of reality to determine us and our lives. You change the way you think, the way you view the topics of conversation with others. This reality of the other turns a real life upside down. The only thing that will bring your reality and your life back is when you stop using media as much as you do today. They are to blame for the fact that your reality in which you create, move or build something gets in a lopsided position. Of course, the way this works out depends on who you are yourself. Many people are empathetic beings and show compassion. Like monkeys. This is exactly what the media-producing industry takes advantage of, and you've already been spellbound and wrapped around your finger. They want to create emotion that you talk to others about what was on TV or on the radio. It has already happened, your life is no longer in your reality, but thoughts and information that have arisen in other channels are pushed back and forth. Bad news is always divided into two camps. The force of nature to which we are at the mercy of a catastrophe, but also the bad news that was created by human hands and spread through the media by human hands and machines. We are choice people, we always have the choice is led to us. You don't have to, that's why we can continue to produce the scrap. But you forget that people quickly adopt habits, whether they are good or bad. They gradually become routine without you noticing. The classic in Germany in the evening after a hopefully good or average day punctually at 8 p.m. spoil the evening with the daily news. Experience how a few bring down the whole picture of a country. That’s fodder, there always has to be a television crew. That's quota. This is business. Fear and horror, measurable emotion where our breath stops and moments of shock are created by good video material. Not to forget the modern image editing. Waste of tax money, bad decisions, corruption, scandals, crime, violence. The figureheads of every news world.

Capitalism, has done its part. Likewise industrialization. Research now knows that a lot of negative information that pours down on us affects our lives in the long term and in the short term. Our thoughts change, our positive attitude towards life fades and that is not good. But the list is much longer and deeper.

An example: In every circle there is always someone who tells the other about the many bad stories that have been picked up on TV. The circle, the group or the community, can either dull what we also demonstrably do, or simply distance themselves from this kind of reality. What other options do we have to change or influence this reality that was not created by us. Pick up a sign and go demonstrate. Then start a petition digitally on the go. You can of course also deal with the causes why these realities cannot be abolished and if you cannot do it, why cannot you? Who is preventing it? The person who essentially creates the bad realities from conflicts does not seem to have developed further spiritually. Conflicts are a lack of discipline, respect for yourselves, self-control and recklessness. This is not the case globally, but many nations have this personal status. That shows the reality, if one analyzes this have to be. Of course, strategic factors also play a role the bigger the stage becomes or the higher the sums that are being haggled over here. It has been a long time since haggling. You get $ 1 and I get $ 100. This is a typical starting situation in a reality out there.

So let's dedicate ourselves to the reality in which you move and how much of it is your own reality that you experience? Take a typical day in your life and split it into many small pieces of toast. If you listen to the radio in the morning and the news that goes with it, then, apart from the entertainment value of the music, this is the door that influences and changes your own reality. Didn't you ask yourself why there isn't a radio station that doesn't deliver any news? The answer is simple, they want to feed you bullshit to spoil your reality and your everyday life. So what are you left with? You will only listen to your own music on the go or Internet radio will move in, news is taboo there. Of course you can leave everything out. Audiobooks and audio books are very popular and have their positive charm. Not least because they are easy to use, but because you can choose to read or hear what interests you. Yes, the hidden message of education is included.

But if you are unlucky and you sit on public transport and listen to the citizens when they are talking, then you only hear what 10 minutes. was told on the radio beforehand. You didn't want that like that! The content of the conversations is filled with news from the media world. The everyday happening, it has been called. You share a reality that has nothing to do with your own. You can at least temporarily get an idea of ​​what is going on in their reality. Whereby, the foreign just come into conversation and be it just to make the trip more interesting, is also not typical, not typically German. Where hectic and time management set the tone, personality and humanity have been lost. Anyway, it sometimes seems that people talk less and less. By being guided through a world that is determined by other realities, we create less and less of our own reality. We experience less content that is based on our own experiences and experiences. In the long term, people fill their vocabulary with content far removed from their own reality.

We are literally always prevented from experiencing our own reality.

It is sold to us as, but that is entertainment. You are entertained so much that you don't even deal with yourself and your own interests.

Ask someone you know: who are you actually? or how are you actually?

At first you will experience an astonished facial expression because people rarely have to deal with such a question. For the bad guys, you bring back the moment of realizing how bad a person is or was? So if his reaction is angry or evasive, that may already have answered the question. The good guys aren't looking for anything and don't have to reproach themselves, you will answer spontaneously and quickly when you experience your own reality. Since the typical German cannot be compared in many ways with many other nations, many pigeonholes have developed that distinguish a German, which sometimes do not turn out well.

It's part of the reality.

But that is not the problem, people do not deal with themselves because of the way they live, so they cannot say anything about who they are! Who you really are. There is a lack of openness. Some will answer, yes, my friends always say you are so and so, my wife or girlfriend always says you are so and so! Strange isn't it?

What kind of world would it be if everyone just wanted to experience their own reality? Nobody would use and serve the entertainment media anymore. All in all, companies would then ask themselves, who are we producing all this shit for if nobody is looking, listening? Yes for who Artificial intelligence will soon continue and then the next wave of layoffs will come. Where back then the robots created the New Reality, tomorrow it will be software-based systems that will make our work obsolete. But you can be sure that afterwards a new form of reality will arise again. How will you look? Think of something.

The problems that this creates are postponed and ignored. Being entertained has priority. Before you know it, you've spent a large part of your life in entertainment. An alienated reality that should have nothing to do with your life. Because we create, produce or create less of our own reality the stories about which the explorers once exchanged are also disappearing. That is also the reason why you get to hear everywhere you have to constantly develop and be ready to learn something new until the coffin falls shut.

That always depends on what kind of job you choose. Today you can change jobs more quickly, provided that you are flexible enough. Although one realizes that one should and must change something, one does not do it. This is a kind of hamster wheel in which the human moved into it, was steered into it. You can also call it a labyrinth. Find the exit and you will discover a new, different life. This life is waiting for everyone out there. If you have to do with the media professionally, you will not be able to avoid the lousy realities. There are many ways how to deal with the many realities and from which one should rather distance oneself. That depends on the type and is far too complex. Some like the dark realities and you can delight in them and immerse yourself in them. That is personal freedom. The industry that creates entertainment, distraction, and new realities is great. An artificial reality has been built up in such a way that we only notice it when we look closely. So you start with the news, you go on TV to watch your shows that are supposed to entertain you. You swipe your cell phone every few minutes to see if there's anything new, and advertisements flit and hide in between. It suddenly becomes clear that everyday life is filled with content that was made by others. So you don't live in your reality, you use the reality of others. When it comes to organizing your free time, you are no longer your own director until you realize it. With streaming services, the entertainment world has given you the opportunity to determine what you want to watch yourself. You can stop and look on another day. The classic TV controls and regulates your whole day. You are not your own program manager.

Here some examples. The adventure park with its almost endless exciting and colorful rides. The beautiful costumes hide in people and run around as comic characters, sweeten and enchant your reality.

2 days in Disneyland and you ask yourself, why couldn't the world be built like this everywhere, so your children's reactions could also be. Then explain to them why the world wasn't built that way. Hopefully you will find a simple and understandable answer to this.

Department stores of such dimensions that you can see and buy all the products in the world without having to step into another country. It blocks your view of the culture and the other peoples. The end product does not show the precarious conditions in which it all came about. In order to preserve this reality, companies prevent on-site filming in the production facilities. It would damage the image. It is a dark and cruel area in which, for once, showing reality is not desired.

It's boring, nobody cares about such simple realities. That's right, there are readers who are not interested in simple bullshit.

Then we just present a few realities where we are able to tie you up and get your money at the same time. Above all, the gamer industry. Ever faster computers with ever stronger graphics cards, because game developers are increasingly transforming the game world into a top reality. Anyone who knows the development in this market knows where the horses are going. It is great. Even today there are scenes that are so realistic that you can no longer distinguish what is real and what is part of the game. The artificially created reality in which a person can dive from one world into another is constantly growing. Put on another pair of cyber glasses, the New World is perfect with a 3D effect. A few more years and when your butler suddenly floats through your apartment as a hologram, then suddenly everyone has their own haunted house. Finally a piece of beautiful reality that could be useful. The assistants you only hear will sooner or later lose their charm. With a hologram you take the next step. The many components that have been developed make these worlds more and more realistic. Many flee into this world in search of something new or build their own in a strategy world. They are all distracted. That is the point. People are starting to build their own worlds. You create your own realities. Realities that were built so that others can create their own realities from them. Influencer e.g. life your life komple tt in a world of its own. You are a director - representative - videographer and much more and provide a large number of followers with news and products. The influencer reality is still a young reality as it has not been on the market long. The range and sales are enormous, as the industries have recognized well. Once again. Since behind every influencer there was a normal person with a normal life, can you say that? No you can't. Maybe they were simple people like you and me who no longer wanted to experience normal everyday life, a reality created by an architect of the company. The openness of the influencers will sooner or later reveal the reasons for this. After a certain time, people notice that they are only living out reality as someone from the industry once thought it up. In the beginning you may still have your own path, but later on, companies will approach you who will ensure that this and that is optimized and adapted. Schwupp die Wup is there to design your own way of reality. So you are no longer living your reality. What made you special is taken from you by others. So you're just one of many again. You are following a path that an architect came up with for the perfect influencer day. Sure, you end up working 2-3 hours earlier, but as I said, the path is based on instructions from others. Anyway, if you can make friends with it, it's fine. That is the main thing. Not least because this job also pays your bills. The reality of an influencer is small but overall a concept in which everyone can live their life.

Your own reality that you can shape yourself is on the way and it also ensures that we all become more independent. We no longer have to experience the dull office with employees who have dragged half a life of their own reality. Statistically, there are many negative things in older office communities that can take away the pleasure of working. This way of working is an old reality. Yet it was created by others. Today there is the home office and although many countries discovered this way of life for the health of employees long before a corona pandemic, it was not enough in Germany and many other countries. But the reasons are obvious. Why should employees be allowed to have a beautiful reality while they toil and create from home. The bosses of these old structures have lived in these prisons themselves and then it is a good thing to let your employees suffer. A bit of bitter reality, of course not to forget my perspective on a reality. The development and creation of new working models is all the more helpful. The influencer is one. The freelancer is another. But digital nomads also appreciate the fact that life and work can be combined well without being tied to one place. It is rather an experience and a work. The New World and the New Reality. You always have a day, a week, a month, etc. Put what you find good in your reality and not what others want to force you into. Sure, it's difficult when everyone doesn't dance, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take the chance to step out of line. The many people who travel the world every day and give lectures are growing in popularity. They are selling you a piece of their own life so that you can find a way to find a better life. The reality of living in asceticism is a large granite stone in the western world that not even 10 Egyptians could move. It would also be the targeted demise of capitalism if nobody would buy anymore. But asceticism is a past reality. There were then and there are still people today who find this lifestyle beautiful. To rediscover the world with nothing. The journey into your own reality in which you get to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses better. It may be that you will encounter demons like this, but every time you defeat them, because you live consciously and have exercised your attention, you will emerge victorious. The world of demons, including you, was once part of reality in certain epochs and centuries. You can still find the demons painted on valuable paintings and in wall paintings, created by internationally recognized celebrities. Clearly books, literature and stories that also contain myths, sagas and legends fill many rooms. We can't tell much about these realities today, but at least these works of art have been preserved. By the way, they draw a completely different style than the wall paintings found in ancient Egypt. The pharaohs and painters of that time were clear more friendly and peaceful when you compare the results. So you can say that the reality back then must have been a beautiful one. The reality of asceticism and demons has also arrived in the age of Hollywood and its superstars. With that I would like to underpin and get these status symbols on board. So this reality is nothing unusual in the world of stars. Rather, it is a journey on which people find each other, with all its facets. In the course of time, people have always been interested in creating new realities. In the basic architecture they were all the same, led and developed by a small, powerful group with big dreams and visions. The disadvantage so far, they were all destroyed sooner or later. Today one has come to the point that one does not want to destroy the built architecture, but one has created realities where one can target people with damage. Realities in which one can lose oneself. Realities, afterwards, if you are not careful, make yourself look like a user again. So you only use a reality that others have come up with. It's not objectionable, but many out there prefer to live their own reality.

Make yourself aware of what is important to you in your own reality and from when you use an artificially created reality from others. Did you know that inventors, developers and engineers rarely use the services or products they have created themselves !? You have managed to keep normal life, simple reality. For people who professionally explore realities, this creates space for amazement. In the many realities, sometimes a lot does not fit together. There is no such thing as one reality. Is there a reality behind each of the 8 billion people? In any case, it has its own view of the world, which was built up by various variables that couldn't be more different than life. No, it's not like that because most of them only consume the realities of others and are not aware of Free Reality. But if we focus on realities that enrich our lives more and more, then there is a big topic that you cannot ignore and with which your own reality can be made much more pleasant. Reality supplemented by a digital assistant. The voice assistant, the navigation, the translator. Three really great things. The industries that create these assistants give us a New Freedom in a New Form of Reality. That's good, that's nice. So if we master this craft even better in the near future, people can each experience the planet for themselves united with the technology and discover the world like Columbus once did. Paths, paths, streets and the appropriate vehicles for them have been leveled. They are only assistants, but in a few years the assistants will convey personality and we will have the feeling that the software driven technology has become very human. Technology that does not contradict corresponds to the healthy image of people that they are in control. More and more people are spending a lot of time with technology. The calm and the experience seem unbroken. But reality also means to live through the increasing dependency and the new style, we move away from reality to have to live in communities. The social status will change. A social life will get a new face in parts of the world. The New Reality is a world with more single households than ever before. People are starting to like it. A new reality also brings with it new questions. Something like this, will we move closer together in the next few years, or will societies such as we find you today drift further apart on parts of the globe. You can place bets or make your own thoughts about where it will go!

How much reality do you still have in your own hands?

The short version formulated easy:

You paint a work of art

You want to paint a beautiful work of art.

But others come from outside and want to destroy the work of art.

The short version if you had to paint the common idea of ​​a reality:

A large circle of people all hold on to each other, they all look at each other, behind each one there is a dark figure, a kind of shadow, which hangs on every person and tries to get people away from the circle. Behind this gray figure there is again something that, with outstretched arms, would also like to burst the gray figure and the circle of positive energy. In the background you can see a world as we know it, in the middle of the picture you can see how the world could be, this clarifies the expression what the common idea represents. But at the point where the gray figures try with all their might to pull people apart, you can see a rift in the world. Behind the crack show the gray worlds into which the world will plunge if the circle does not hold.

I will paint such a picture at a later date ...

Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale

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