If you are looking for answers, you have to start a journey 2020

If you are looking for answers, you have to start a journey. But already there the paths separate. Is the physical journey meant or the virtual one through the World Wide web? Both are of course correct. Some of us are craving puzzles. You know that from before. What used to mean today Today there are people out there who love to puzzle. I once had one in my hand, it was the famous “Michelangelo fresco” The masterpiece where two beings are half floating close to each other and stretch out their hands to each other. It was originally packed and had around 12,000 puzzle pieces. So big that you can fill an entire wall. The original painting can be seen in the Sistine Chapel. I then bought it. At the flea market, the price seemed to me more than fair. You often buy things you don't really need. It is human nature. Today you know it's not nature. After looking at it in peace, I quickly noticed. It's going to be a life's work if you're not careful. So I rejected the plan and let it go. But how much passion is there in people that you can sacrifice so many years of a life for a puzzle? It has to be a lot. At some point I simply resold it. The new owner was very happy about it. It was not important to me what and how he came up with this unusual hobby of building puzzles. In retrospect, his story might have been interesting.

But if you look out into the world with curious eyes and open eyes, you quickly realize that the whole world actually has a lot to do with puzzles. Not in the classic sense, but in the historical sense e.g. Reconstruction of epochs, timelines that spanned many centuries and millennia. Even an old broken vase becomes a real puzzle. People puzzle more than you are actually aware of. Do you like to watch thrillers? There are bound to be many fans of the genres of the crime series and films out there. Who was the killer now, you always said it must have been the gardener, or the loved one. That's the nice thing here and there you start to work your way into the depths of a film. Everyone can suddenly play and be a detective. For the famous Sherlock Holmes or the Monk, it is rather not enough. Here is an event, there is a sword, there is an overturned planter. The tension is already rising and someone in the second row crackles with his hand in the chip bag. No signs of burglary to be seen. Suspicious, how did they get into the house? It's that quick and you dive into the element and puzzle in the truest sense of the word.

It is strong when you are on the way and new events lead to unknown problems. So new solutions are needed. But can these also be implemented? How captivating such a chain of developments can be. In all respects we are enchanted by the possibility to watch everyday and “activities” as a puzzle. The furniture maker who, with a bit of luck, cobbles everything together. At the beginning you always hear that there is only one chair, you don't need any instructions for it, you can do it without a plan. Back then he was good at Lego, his pretext could be. Yes, quite a few experts have made a mistake in the litter box. The easiest tasks can quickly cost a valuable free afternoon. If you take a look over in the free kitchens. What is there to see, almost only ready meals. That too, but doesn't cooking have any kind of puzzles ?! Yes, it has. You take the ingredients and piece by piece you throw the ingredients, little by little into a saucepan. In the end you have a finished whole. Many small parts make up a whole. Like the puzzle. Historically, the puzzle has become modern again. Global networking has resulted in a large division of labor. Take the computer or a car. It is manufactured part by part at 20 locations in different plants. In the end, everything is collected in one location to build a whole. The principle is the same for computers. Studies that in the end should provide us with statistics and an overall picture on a topic or a question also work that way. A thousand people have to deliver in order to create a usable whole. If the worm is only at one point, the project cannot be completed. Simply put, a part of the puzzle is missing.

Ultimately, every person is also a small piece of the puzzle in the circles and tracks on which they move, each supplemented by his doing and acting on all the processes and procedures linked to it. The missing parts can be easily replaced by copies in the ultra-modern technological era. So everything is replaceable. With the replicas around the puzzle too

complete a good eye is required to recognize the original and replica. Especially when you are 2m away.

Where you are already looking for something, you also know the phenomenon that an important puzzle piece or component is always missing so that it continues seamlessly.

No?! Then your life is an exemplary variable.

You can dive into many areas and install the element puzzle, but at some point it gets boring and that's always bad.

Who likes boredom in a world that has been built up in 100 years, where around the clock it is guaranteed that entertainment and excitement will be offered 365 days and ¼ a year. At a fixed price or by subscription. Entertainment and entertainment. It has become so good that we forget everything and hurry from one conversation to the next. Entertainment distracts. Finally clear your head, that's how it feels. Life can be so exhausting, 8 hours in the office, the fan is running, in the background you can hear the wind whistling between the posters and producing its own sound. So are we still able to spend our day free? Yes, you just have to break the mold and build your own everyday life outside of it. Take an example from the salmon in nature. The first step in an unknown freedom. But not everyone is lucky, entertainment determines life. By that I don't mean Aunt Trude who comes over for coffee or tea with a piece of cake every day and tells the stories of the day and those of the neighborhood. That would still be real entertainment. So entertainment is and remains the medium with which we sweeten your evening. New thoughts emerge, with music, we let emotions arise. Yes, magicians work in these industries. Only that in the end no rabbit emerges from the black top hat.

As hard as advertising gets out of the tension of a film, the new topic will continue to do so now.

It is history and it is based on the traditions of the old and orphans. If you don't want to deal with Mystic and the global connections of our ancestors from the past 10000 years, you will simply come back another time. There is always something to report and to tell. In a way, a healthy worldview is also due to how you puzzle. Who and what to give weight and what you'd rather drop through the sieve. If that is too abstract, you can send me your healthy world view.

In certain parts of the world you can find large drawings on the floor, fans of you know the Nasca Lines. They suggest that the ancient tribes and thus our ancestors saw something in heaven. Flying objects appear here and there in paintings. There are also many small handmade sculptures that look like small flying objects, archaeologists found them during excavations and you can see them today in various museums around the world and who of course wants to be amazed. In the paintings you appear as a flying disc or just as a fireball. There are really a lot of sightings in the air that go as far as the present.

Organizations have been established in many countries so people can go to a place to report. Even NASA astronauts and fighter jet pilots see a lot in the sky. But that shouldn't be the core of the next lines.

My only concern is that sightings have been made for thousands of years that something was flying in the sky. That became figurative with a painting, the engraving in the rock and stone, as well as the drawing on the underground that the corresponding century had to offer. Paper came very late.

Now a piece of the puzzle is added. I see a connection here to the “Roswell” crash from 1947 in July. It's just about answering the question of what exactly crashed there.

If you don't know the story, summarize it in two sentences. Something has fallen from the sky. The first to be at the site and holding parts of the run-down aircraft in their hands made the following statement: “It was a shiny material that when you bent or folded it went back to its original shape on its own.” This statement also supports my puzzle part. Of course it's spongy to build on something like that, but it's about details.

Anyone who overlooks the small details can quickly be lured into the wrong track. At its core this is also logical, so we tend to believe it or to rate it as real. After Navy employees were at the crash site and the local staff asked the press again for a statement, the original statement was canceled and the complete crash site was blocked off with a restricted area, everything that was there ag was transported in vans, pickups and other vehicles and into today's

Area 51 brought. This base is in the state of Nevada, the country where a nation has managed to "make dreams come true", followed by the motto: "Anyone can do it". The most modern test flights are made there today. The following day, there was only one message that a weather balloon had crashed. Everyone knows weather balloons, they fly high and take measurements in the air. With this story, Roswell became famous and is today a mecca for freaks and fans who find such stories fascinating. The mayor and the city administration built behind it have been able to generate incredible income since this story. Not to forget the tourism industry through the many pilgrimages. It is the little spin on a phone number or invoice that figuratively plunges information upside down into chaos.

Raw materials and materials that go back into shape on their own were unknown at the time and are still difficult to reproduce today, if at all. I can't think of anything except water. The architects of today would have their problems copying the old buildings and temples from that time. There are many examples, so I mention the pyramids of Giza, which everyone knows.

I don't want to go into that in any more detail, it's just about the object, what it was and where it came from.

Let's take a look at today's drive technologies, by which I mean the combustion engine that runs on petrol, before that there was steam and heat in the locomotives, but also the rocket drives that brought people to the moon. All types of drives are not intended for long journeys or decades.

Above all, because you always have to add new energy. So we get into space with it and then a realistic perspective ends, how and where the journey could go. Anyone familiar with the distances in the universe knows the speed of light, which is currently: 299,792,458 meters per second. This corresponds to 299,792 km per second. As far as we know, it would take 12.6 years at this speed, e.g. to Orion, for one direction, of course. The problem is that the drive that is currently available to us 13/7/20 is just 30000 km / h fast, which means you only get 8.33 km per second. You are welcome to calculate how long such a trip would take. Insofar as such a ship is not already destroyed in an asteroid hail.

But one type of drive has not been mentioned, it is the drive based on atomic energy. We all know you, the nuclear power plants (nuclear power plants) that generate our electricity but also pose a threat to our health and nature. This technology is used in these drives, such as those found in submarines, and also in aircraft carriers. These machines can sail through the oceans for 20-60 years without refueling. According to official statements and if you add 50 years of research in this area, there is still a lot more to do. Engineers and technology enthusiasts know how development can progress in just a few decades.

The next step in the drives is that you want to make use of the anti-matter. We also know how it could work, the problem is how to extract and store this type of energy. Since anti-matter is available almost everywhere in the universe, you would never have to look for energy again. For those who are still looking for an anti-matter storage solution. The drive has to generate and convert the fuel in real time, then it doesn't have to store anything. So you always have thrust as the cart runs. In theory, you can skip a few decades of development work. No more digging with coal or digging for oil. It would close the gap that one could move more freely outside of the earth. Even a sun sail does not make much sense, since when traveling through space there is a lot of space where no sunbeam can get at all. How should the sun sails get energy? Not at all. Nevertheless, an awning is good and you should always have one with you. In the event of malfunctions, it can at least temporarily supply energy. Communication on the ship, refrigerator, air conditioning, that's what is important in space.

So what do I want to do? Back then, many thousands of years ago, the first flying objects were seen, whether there were several or only one! Is still not clear. My puzzle is made up like this. What used to fly around here was the same object that came down in Roswell in 1947.

What was the job if it was?

It was like a drone that was just in the air for thousands of years. A highly complex fully automated system ch aircraft without crew.

It is probably the only object that could give conclusions as to whether other visitors have ever been to this earth. It made its rounds here, took pictures and sent data home. Wherever this was at home!

So did this flying object have a drive that was difficult to research and understand at the time? Yes. Now, 30-40 years later, you have more insights and it's like a slice of toast. Bit by bit you decrypt the technology and try to recreate it. We are also on the right track.

So was the flying object just coming down in Roswell because the juice was all gone? Despite the advanced technology of an extraterrestrial civilization, was there a technical defect in the aircraft? Did the builder of the flying object intentionally crash it so that we humans can continue to develop technically? A single object like this could re-prioritize the whole development and tasks of countries.

It doesn't have to mean that other visitors with large spaceships like we know you from Starwars, “the beautiful star cruiser e.g. have actually been on earth. Even if many would always like to believe and read that. You can just send probes to scout out planet earth. We don't do anything else today if we want to explore and explore planets and stars outside the earth. Exoplanets on life are possible, of course, but the distance to fly to them with robots and probes is just too far. For the time being, only Grossee telescopes remain to better understand processes and procedures. With a large dose of patience in tow. A crucial new driving force for our future is missing. Only with her will you be able to make significant progress inside and outside the earth. For friends of the good climate, the future would be a better one. Strikes and protests would stop rapidly.

So did people from 10,000 years ago see the same flying object that came down in Roswell in 1947?

It would be conceivable. Anyone who has seen TV documentaries more than once knows the many stories about it.

In this context, one often reads in the stories after 1947 that the technical progress of the Americans increased very quickly. This is actually the case and is uncontested. Almost too quickly than only a human spirit with its intelligence would be able to do so. Rather, a team of ghosts. Even today, the Americans are far ahead of the others, especially in the area of ​​software, synchronization and automation. Software would be the heart of a flying object, strictly speaking the entire computer unit. It has to run like a Swiss watch. Computers are doing this better than ever before. To give a few numbers and reactions, the Japanese looked at the autonomous technology and its software from the Tesla group.

Each of the electrically powered cars that roll off the assembly line at Tesla use this technology. The Japanese say they can't replicate that. Anyone who is familiar with electrical engineering and microelectronics will say that if the Japanese cannot do it, nobody can. Of course, something like this is always seen as an incentive to shake other nations awake and to start a new competition. Sony, Walkman, Playstation and the many other achievements from Japan are the ultimate when it comes to complexity, detail and size. Anyone who has understood the progress of the city of Tokyo knows that a nation already lives there in a completely different time. Namely in a future of +> 30 years. Sure you can still say is just chatter and a gimmick of the Japanese. The Japanese then hope for added value. But that's speculation. But it shouldn't be missing either. So it would be possible that there was a lot of technology in the crashed flying object that was useful for research. In the end, we citizens also benefit from it.

You can trust people with a lot of inventiveness, but is so much still within the limits of what is feasible?

When puzzling, many gates, doors and gates open. But each of you is of no value if there is no clear evidence behind it, but only another possibility has been discovered in secret.

What can cause a lot of irritation here is the fact that the pilots from NASA, NAVY and other citizens have reported that the way in which the flying object moved was not linear like a paper plane, but rather like a wild fly danced back and forth. Short, fast and crisp zig-zag movements in the air, plus groundbreaking accelerations that are linked to the fact that incredible G-forces arise. G-force is the weight that affects your body many times during acceleration. At> 5G + even experienced ones.

Test pilots passed out and this despite aids. When a Formula One car accelerates to 200km / h we are short of 3Gs, it makes you queasy. Even roller coasters stay below these values. With zig-zag movements, the G-force is many times higher, which is more difficult to calculate. Of course, there is so much room for imagination, but that is exactly what the science fiction industry derives its films from and enchants many of us a few times a year. With this crash, the age of UFOs and aliens created its own industry and cast a spell on many, very many people.

So let's tweak the unreasonable possibilities. What other technology could it have been on board. Such a ship / flying object was created by an intelligence that is 10,000 years ahead of us, so for them it is not 2020 but 12020, what would that mean?

Look at what we humans have built on earth in 100 years of technological progress. Now technology companies are opening their first gates and showing where the journey could and will very likely go. Neural microchips then support us in communicating with the Internet, with family, friends and acquaintances. Yes, a little bit more and we can even understand the language of our pets with the help of an electronic translator. would be nice, right? Phones would go under so quickly. A complete order of a pizza, only with your own encrypted neural web server! Just like that. This is music for nerds. Access to complete knowledge. Consultations are obsolete, that the Internet acts as a personal competent consultant, in all respects, that all naturally supports with “ki” artificial intelligence. Even disassembling an engine and screwing it together so that no part remains and the engine still works in the end would be a no brainer. A mixture of digital instructions through the Internet makes everyone an engineer. One of the words like the artificial intelligence “ki” as you rumble up and down in all specialist articles every day will completely spread in our everyday life. A really central issue in development in 2020 and for the rest of our human existence.

Now imagine what and how far the technology will be if we fast forward by 10,000 years? If you have imagination, use it. You can also train them. Even great science professors have problems to draw a picture of a future in 10,000 years. So don't worry if you don't get far yourself.

We are at the point that a ship / flying object has been traveling here for many thousands of years. So would it be possible for this ship and the developers ahead of us to build a bridge to communicate with people? The electrical cosmos is everywhere and would ultimately be able to act as a link for languages. Of course, only if you have this technology. Was Nostradamus one of you? Leonardo Da Vinci? Wernher von Braun? Tesla? Just to name a few names. The age when robots help us in the household and entertain us is just a stone's throw away. It is not parents who bring the children to school or kindergarten, but robots. So there is not much against that we can soon be controlled and controlled by robots.

What purpose and tasks then remain for us humans? Then just being is not enough. With robots and programs relieving us of more and more work, we have to ask ourselves, what mental activities are left for us then?

Cooking, driving, working in the garden, as well as in the household is done by robots. In principle everything that is somehow annoying. Food supply and reordering. Even when we leave our house, you can set the robots with your integrated assistant so that you are reminded of a few things before you leave the house. Diary entries. It's also nicer to talk to a robot who is your butler than just to know the assistant of a phone. For example Madame, my everyday assistant shows me that you haven't brushed your teeth in the bathroom today! or you were today 12 min. less in the bathroom than usual? So the areas that you can decorate here now go into boundless. The imagination you have to guard in such times remains limitless but true.

Imagination as the engine of a future for many.

It is important in this context that you can completely personalize the robots if you like. Because in a few generations there will be children who won't even have planted a plant or flower, let alone of knowing how to do it. The many support and automation ensures that we no longer have to learn everyday things. We already entrust our questions to Google and are looking for instructions on things that should normally have been studied for years. So we are entering into a complete digital and robotized dependency. Our independence depends on an interface, a crossroads and yet something like that can lead to new friendships and opportunities.

The rebuilding of an entire world would entail that.

The complete changeover of administration on a digital level alone would make an enormous number of jobs superfluous. Anyone who knows the comic series “Jetsons” knows what a future can look like.

So let's take the example of Nostradamus. What did he have that others had not yet had? He could see weapons, ships, and planes. As well as preview battles and wars.

They were visions, the general public agreed to call it that. Something that is completely abstract in our solar system and is not based on seen experiences is a great mystery for everyone who deals with this topic. Everything we know and build is based on experience and an eternal process of learning. Undeterred, however, people today manage to open a small door in which a completely new area is created every now and then. An area that can also create a new industry. That is what is strange about it. We cannot say what is at the end of the universe when it has an end. So you can't really deal with it. With earthly things mind and imagination run according to other laws. It doesn't seem to explode all dimensions when it comes to the home planet.

One more sentence about Providence. There is the third all-seeing eye of foresight. That's what it says in the books. It also appears in religions, for example in “Hinduism”. But you should be careful with that, strictly speaking it is tradition and derived translations. One also speaks of myths and legends.

So we have a lot of options to interpret the truth content differently.

Wasn't it the eye, then what? In my story, the flying object can also have played a role. The ship / flying object receives data and sends data to its planet of origin. Although it is not even clear whether intelligent life is still bound to a planet. Maybe there is a fleet of stars out there somewhere with the latest camouflage technology, with which you can no longer be recognized on the radar. Nostradamus lived in 1500 one hundred. So would it be possible that Schiff received a data set from video sequences from its base? Of course, we are also able to send data around the planet in this way. So while the ship / flying object received possible battles and wars in the 1500th century, when the data enters Our atmosphere, parts of the material are fragmented and unwantedly redirected with the help of the Earth's electromagnetic field.

This field protects us and the earth from the radiation of the sun and all other radiation as best we can. Anyone who has looked at the course and movements of an electromagnetic field will see that the fields always run through the earth and thus carry the information through the earth, this may have been the way that Nostradamus made it possible to see things those from another source come from another place.

Then and now we know that people can put themselves into a spiritual state through concentration and e.g. meditation, which enables people to remain on a special frequency. This condition makes people receptive to new things and information from outside. The connection with a collective is not excluded, as is the connection with like-minded people.

Based on science fiction and existing theories, there are stories in which the sun is the main means of transport for information. It is assumed that the suns in the universe are largely interconnected, and can thus transport cosmic knowledge from one solar system to the next.

A communication network from suns. Whether this is natural or was created by other civilizations and, as a result, by a highly developed culture with the help of technology, there is still room for new things. Researching, proving or refuting this is the work of science. But you know everything is connected because it looks like it if you graphically represent the universe in a simulation. The individual galaxies and the structure of space looks like a large network. We find these networks everywhere, especially when we start the Scale down. On a small scale, it looks like a neural network. The fact that the sun can be a means of transport for information here would of course make some stories obsolete. Since our human eye sees light and processes information, it would therefore be quite possible for people under certain circumstances and at intervals to receive new information that is also composed of events from other solar systems. You have to imagine how a pool table, all balls are spread out on the table, each ball corresponds to a sun. The suns send or exchange information about light at the speed of light. The sun then continues to shine the light onto the planets in the solar system. If one of them is civilized, the information can be processed. If this has made use of another high culture, one could theoretically send a blueprint for a new drive technology through the galaxies. Hoping that there is a species in the millions of solar systems that can benefit from it. It should not be forgotten that especially the pharaohs had a very special relationship with the sun. So the translation of the many hieroglyphs.

To come back to the electric field again. Of course, this has not been scientifically proven that an electromagnetic field is also able to transport information that reaches Earth from outside, or even sends global, widespread knowledge about the planet.

In a future where technology is 10,000 years ahead, everything can be thought possible. In this future, we may also no longer need TV sets. With the neural microchip and the power of electrical engineering, it will be possible to watch a film with your eyes closed.

Our mind then acts as a temporary cloud and is the buffer of a few seconds of video. In the computer language a kind of working memory (RAM).

Was it the all-seeing eye or the power of a ship with a head start of 10,000 years? In the same century, about 50 years later, Da Vinci also joined. Again, he far outperformed Nostradamus.

With help, without help? Natural or unnatural? To do this, one would have to evaluate the black box and the flight recorder of the ship / flying object, insofar as there was such a thing. A species that is 10,000 years ahead of us will certainly think twice about whether it should have something on board, with which one can draw conclusions about the origin! If you were the architects of these ships or one of my kind, there would clearly be no black box on board. A ship that should explore a planet and possibly make contact never knows what it will meet. In the 1980s, Voyager was launched into space, with evidence of who we are, that we listen to music and where we come from. In retrospect, the researchers say it wasn't a good idea. It's the same situation after all.

Just because an intelligence is 10,000 years more advanced does not mean that the intelligence knows what to expect in the solar system to be explored. It could be that an even higher intelligence / species lives here. One that is 20,000 years ahead. In this case, you shouldn't have a black box. We know that humans are naturally peaceful, but whether this is a universal law can not be said because we have no comparison options. According to current knowledge, only one planet can have a future if all countries try to coexist as harmoniously and peacefully as possible.

If there was a black box, then you can be sure that it was encrypted so well that no one could ever solve it. It is like the number “Pi” 3.14159 and this seems to be infinitely long. A mysterious and all the more mysterious number.

Pi is the number you need to calculate a circumference. 5 cm diameter x pi = 3.14159 = 15.707 cm circumference.

Who knows what is really behind this number. Here for everyone who likes numbers, or want to take a puzzle of mathematics with them! Did the numbers exist before humans and we humans only discovered these numbers or did humans create the numbers in spirit? The ghosts argue about it, but it also ensures long discussions into the night.

Nevertheless, one has to say that only one vision is enough for entire countries and industrial sectors with their departments to interpret their area of ​​responsibility in this direction. Hollywood showed a lot in the 80s-90s of the things that actually exist today. Back then, people just laughed at it and thought it was impossible. Total Recall was one of those films.

Why can you be sure?

A computer program in a Z future of 10000 years, is able to automatically write new encodings as soon as one tries to open the whole thing from the outside. Apart from that, it would be easy to write a program, which in the case of external intervention simply begins to delete all data. None of them would have anything. So our Voyager can be a luck or a curse for humanity. Artificial intelligence 10,000 years ahead could probably control an entire planet and automatically fix all mistakes.

Imagine, however, that the crash in 1947 caused the people of Planet Earth to keep in touch with the strangers. Wouldn't it be great? Different species exchange information about planetaries - distances - plans and experiences. The exchange and the trade was put in the cradle of the people. The dependent social being, human. So is it universal and do other species / intelligences on other stars also trade and exchange. We just had the bad luck that our closest neighbors are further away than you can find anywhere else in space. A solar system like ours with only 3 inhabited planets would be such a galactic trading center. It would be good, it would be the perfect basis for a partnership, a kind of friendship. With so much positive optimism, one must also exercise caution.

Who tells us that in the end it wasn't just rule over another planet that was the goal. The future will show

Here you have plans for technology and robots and when the time comes we will network everything and control and control you, but I said that already. A scenario that is real. Which would also be real if it had been created without cosmic and planetary help.

"May the power stay where it belongs"

Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale

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