Television of Art 

idea for a new mobile TV format


What you get in this story ?

An XXL motorhome that stops spontaneously in any city and, after a short set-up phase, invites you, together with passers-by, to develop a concept for a “start-up” company in real time, with a pitch and group photo.

In a small team, a moderator tries to create a draft for a start-up company with citizens using the design thinking method. There is also an assistant who takes care of the whiteboard and captures all important ideas and topics of the group with keywords.

Another employee takes care of communication from the outside on the notebook, i.e. social media. But real-time research can also be carried out during the broadcast.

As a Taffer employee, he can also take care of creating the gateway to the founding world, the much sought-after “pitch”. The team photo is taken somewhere in between.


Who are the participants?


Teenagers, adolescents, unemployed people, trainees, students, workers, white-collar workers, mothers, fathers, seniors, friends, best friends, buddies, colleagues, travelers, visitors, curious, changers, adventurers. There are no guidelines, to put it simply: “Everyone”. Who comes first, paints first.


How is it going?


A participant number can be drawn in the area of ​​the motorhome. There is also a small information stand where employees can use “Small Talk” to provide information and issue tickets. As soon as the maximum number of participants is reached, the employees call everyone. These must then appear on the motorhome within a specified time, or make yourself comfortable in the immediate vicinity, here first thoughts and ideas can be exchanged. In the meantime, every participant can already register on the extra online page.

There everyone can inquire what the goals are and which contractual matters have to be considered.


After everyone has found a place in the motorhome and made it comfortable, everyone gets a clipboard with pen to be able to take notes or write ideas during this extraordinary hour. Drinks and snacks are available. Everyone can use the integrated kitchen during the program. Music in the background. The best music that demonstrably influences the creativity of everyone. Nothing is left to chance here.

The moderator briefly explains in a few sentences what the goal is. The aim of every program should be to design the concept in such a way that it can be used by external service providers and then plunged into the next phases. Building a startup consists of several parts. So you have already created a team in one program and put a concept on paper.

The TV concept is supposed to show strangers can create something together in a short time.


The program management and the editorial staff can specify topics that should be specifically worked on. Problems of all kinds, both from personal experience or from society, are a good focus to create a product or service from it. Ultimately, you can also work without a specification and the participants should speak freely and activate the creative spirit. There will be good and bad rounds. But all interesting somewhere. We are all in a learning process, especially when you come across new doors.

After a while you will also be able to see how creative our citizens are today. While the group throws your ideas into the room, the two of you will write down the key words on a white board and diligently moderate them.

As soon as we think there are good things or the program management sees something interesting, you can let us know and we will then direct one of the topics into the next phase.


Or! Example No.1: The moderator starts with, where do you see problems in your environment? Because problems are always good to look for solutions. A solution means a change that can occur through a product or through a service. Of course, also through a new law. Example No.2: What is bothering you about your electrical devices at home or those that you have with you, can be anything, TV, smartphone, headphones, toaster, vacuum cleaner, kettle just to name a few. Of course, software and app problems included. Example No.3: What are you missing in your city, what are you angry about, what is missing in the shop. With a variety of answers we can then systematically try to create something new that is not yet on the market.

After 10min-15min, the group decided on a topic with instructions from the moderator and the program management. This is then expanded after a short break with a few drinks, snacks and soft music in the background. Questions can be asked in between. In order for all of this to work, the groups of participants must not become too large. One of many Harvard studies has shown that 7-8 people are optimal. In addition, it will quickly become chaotic and confusing. The quality of the results also suffers. Small teams can get together faster when solving problems. The second phase: Should already include the creation of the concept. There are then important questions such as who can use the product or service? How much can that cost? How can you build and realize it? Are there similar ideas already on the market? Ideas about required capital can be exchanged! Which countries are eligible for production? What is the environmental balance sheet for the service or the product? Who can fill which roles in the group?


The XXL Camper as the center of this Mobile broadcast?


The important thing is the artificial atmosphere that has to be created for it to work.

Even the exterior design covered with a film covered with a film should pull everyone under its spell and attract attention. A quick setup after the awning is extended, a small restricted area has been set up, as well as seating for posters, exhibitors and outdoor monitors with a trailer set up and switched on. Is the exterior impressive concept already there. You do something new here, so it has to be something special.


The motorhome needs an adjustment here, colors, style and comfort must not be neglected. Likewise drinks, snacks, WiFi hotspot access, music in the background.

But above all, the seating arrangement in the motorhome must be considered, everyone at a round table? Or wildly distributed across the available space? Extendable motorhome to create a real living room feeling? You know the big XXL motorhomes from the wealthy showmen. Google has shown how the Americans are leading the way when it comes to providing the best support for employees. A guarantee for good results.


How should be broadcast and filmed?


You can choose from several methods. Many cameras with microphones are installed in the motorhome to subsequently have as many viewing angles as possible for the cut. Today you can make fantastic recordings with Gimbel, DSLR camera and smartphone. A number of films and sequences included have been made in this way. The viewer sees no difference. In addition, the equipment is comparatively cheap. Fewer staff, less costs, means more flexibility. To do this, you can contact the U.S film industry to find out what's new, so that employees have the best results when recording and editing and at the same time have less time spent on post-processing.

With this format you can be present on all channels, recording, PayTV, VOD, live on

You Tube, switch on radio programs, podcasts. A round table with future intentions.


A live connection to a YouTube channel, as well as a place in the camper with a laptop should enable interactive communication from the outside. One or the other knows this from the beginnings of the Harald Schmidt Show, when his assistant asked questions and read audience comments about the laptop. Spectators can also participate in the preparation of the "StartUps". Redirecting the chat messages and filtering by priority via the editorial team could be helpful here. The moderator and assistant are in contact with the program management.


So you can only switch a live version or a recording, the start of a season would be the beginning. A combination of the two would also be conceivable.

The recording then also documents who was there and who is subsequently entitled to participate in the “StartUp” foundation.


After a program has been broadcast or recorded, the TV broadcaster must contact external agencies that specialize in start-up foundations to take further steps. For example, a property right must be activated with a corresponding plan or a sketch behind it.

Why could such a TV format be interesting?


Citizens, passers-by, people like you and I come into contact with the topic "StartUp" for the first time. You know programs like “The Lion's Den” but this is something new. Everyone can understand how this works in a short time. It is accessible to everyone who watches the program on the day of the broadcast. It will be hot. Constructive spontaneous collaboration with citizens. It is colorful and diverse. But above all, it's new. Even if participants are unsuccessful, they have experienced something and some have found the start-up process of a start-up company appealing. That is positive. So it may be that out of 100 participants, 10 of them develop serious intentions to found a “StartUp”. The famous "Aha" or "WoW" effect arises and the realization that starting up is not so difficult comes into force. Here you should keep an eye on the statistics of the search engines at the beginning of the program.

It should also be emphasized that there are no complex castings. It is real, authentic, it has character and ensures a high level of acceptance. Just let it run in a top planned world and catch reactions. This whole script world where every second and the whole process is timed is yesterday's snow. Live means action. On the cutting edge.

Overall, such a program is very interesting for business, in my opinion, since every successful start-up also creates new jobs and promotes Germany's position as an innovation location. The banks in Europe are on a lot of funding that must be invested sustainably. With a cooperation between various TV stations or investors around the media group, financing and lending should herald the next step. Of course, private investors can also participate in the ideas of the individual teams.

Crowdfunding is just one of many concepts. Money is enough in the accounts, only it has no use. Of course, the number of programs increases the likelihood that together we will discover a "UNiCORN", which will be particularly successful, the startup scene speaks of 1-2 UNiCORNS on a hundred foundations. But even across borders, this can leave an interesting footprint in Europe, Made in Germany. Especially young people who do not attend universities can see and understand in a short time that reasons are for everyone. We are experiencing a change in many areas, climate change and protection, as well as changes in the working world, e.g. flexible home office, digitization with artificial intelligence and machine learning are scribers.

It's an interesting way to meet people on the street with something new. Come with us and with a little luck and the right idea you will successfully become your own boss. It's a nice overall concept. Such formats from the tech sector are also interesting for the advertising industry of global players if the ratings are correct.

The spontaneity will bring the show to a successful TV format and that across national borders.




What could the format be called?


 "The future holds in your city". “Be there and develop a startup” “The future starts now”


Are there already similar formats dealing with start-ups?


However, there are these programs dealing with completely different phases in setting up a start-up company. In addition, all programs are recorded here in fixed studios. The location and the cities are fixed. The preparation of these programs takes much more effort.


What happens after the show?


Every successful team that has developed a comprehensible and sustainable concept and is judged to be feasible by experienced experts from the scene or rated as expandable receives a “go”. Afterwards, the founding teams are accompanied by mobile camera teams on important dates or events, so that the viewers can experience everything else and experience the actual phases when starting a company, also called "StartUp".


What about property rights and patent filing matters on live broadcasts?


The idea of ​​theft is not protected today as long as there are no applications to the patent office that represent exactly this idea, invention, product, business idea or service.

At this point you have to create a new law, it should protect all ideas that have arisen in the live broadcast for a manageable period of 4 weeks to 3 months after transmission. Applications that are submitted after a shipment by third parties and are not related to production cannot be accepted.

How can you improve the program?


After a few test programs with extras have been recorded, selected experts from the start-up scene can coach you and incorporate new tips for the program. Explore strengths and weaknesses. The once roughly defined program can thus be refined in cooperation. A rough “We do it somehow, becomes our own program with a system. A small architecture is hidden behind everything. In the end, the result always counts no matter how it went.

I estimate that it will take 3-9 months to prepare this format.


Other information about the participants:


All participants of each broadcast are contractually entitled to co-found the “StartUp” and to build it up actively or passively. Even after the successful creation of a concept for a startup, the organizers and others are available to assist the participants in an advisory role. In addition, it must be clarified whether all participants, including the assistant and employees of the program, have a creative role in the creation process of the StartUP program.





Why this show can be significant in Europe!


After a while, the statistics will show which countries and regions are particularly resourceful. Of course you can already prove today where many startups are created, but the circumstances are different. It can also be used to clarify which age groups and which nationalities are particularly important in international teams. It has always been a challenge, project-related, some countries were a touch better. Partners and investors can therefore prefer countries and cities for their investments after 2 years. The results can also be incorporated in the creation of new creative teams in companies. Such a program can be a success in many ways.


At the end of a show or in the middle of it, pizza is ordered for everyone, food makes you happy and connects us all. Right...



stay tuned


rinaldo imperiale