Today's market and tomorrow's possibilities

A look at the instruments that are already available to us today shows once again how much potential lies dormant in them. With the computer and the chips as a basic model, data is processed at lightning speed in a global network, created for communication and so that we get closer and closer to the point that we actually get the feeling that we are one. A big community or the dream of a big family.

What was built there is beautiful when viewed from a distance.


Personalization and customization have long been a large and constantly changing market. He manages that you only get what you need and what suits your taste and style with high accuracy. At some point there is an AHA effect and you have the feeling that the computer, the software in connection with machine learning and artificial intelligence, knows us better than the person by our side. A partner, a best friend. The dog, the pet.

The digital assistant just keeps getting better. A little bit of magic, how it works, most users don't even want to know. Even the developers find it difficult to provide detailed information about it. This is interesting insofar as man reaches the limits of the explanation in these areas. Whether a mathematician will find a formula for it.


In the end, the result counts, if it works it is worth more than being able to explain it. The world is and will be in a challenge and competition mode. This state ensures that everyone remains innovative and wants to have a say and dance along at the top of the pyramid. That's good because there are so many things that can be accelerated easily.


But it also means change in what we live with and in the areas of how we earn money. While some rely on anonymity, the other side of the planet meets openness and relies on strong cooperation. Artificial and personalized intelligence systems can create a new market here. Imagine you work in a creative industry in which something new is constantly being produced. Behind you and everyone else, an artificial intelligence is made available as a computer program, which in the virtual world always adapts to you and learns from you and with you. She knows you and your work and is able to evaluate the quality through analysis. Each result later forms a pool of artists from which an anonymous market develops. Investors and traders can invest in the Anonymized Artificial Intelligences, which mirror a certain group of people.


In everyday life, this means that large companies can approach developers, creative artists, inventors and innovators anonymously and are thus able to distribute orders directly to a fixed budget. Ki or Ai is the seal that good results will be expected. The nice thing about this market will be that everyone can expect a bit more independence, while at the same time evaluating all data collected and giving up privacy. Artificial intelligence must be set up as securely as a crypto market. If enough results are delivered by the artists from the creative market, investors can invest in the expressiveness and quality of an individually constructed Artificial Intelligence. If you start with 1000 developers, over time there will be more and more. There will be competition in quality and excellence. Tamper-proof. Traders and investors will be able to place bets and create a tradable market around it, while companies exploit actual results from the worker bees.


It doesn't sound too complicated I hope. After the market of Artificial Intelligences has become faster and wider and has reached the most remote points of this planet, the question arises! What happens now if you mix several of these individually designed ki's and let them work together on tasks. Do the potentials complement each other or the architectures will collapse and you have to restore the backup of all artificial intelligence. It's good that there are backup systems. But what if everything runs smoothly from the start and you create such a hierarchy in the Artificial Intelligences. A kind of king with his queen to whom many other ki`s are subordinate. In the best case, all Artificial Intelligences connected to the network optimize and complement each other and a new type of Artificial Intelligence is created. One then speaks of a super intelligence. Captain Future comes tomorrow. That's how close we are. Where you can use this and whether it will be controllable at all will be shown in a science article.


I hope the system is reasonably understandable and we'll see if the future has models like these in store for us.


Technology as an assistant ensures that a hell of a lot of intermediate steps in the processing are eliminated, at the same time it ensures that the margins rise and that is exactly the goal in trade and with investors who move the market of the future with their giant Dagobert Duck Treosren hold.


I hope it was varied entertainment, if you would like to bring me similar great and fascinating stories to paper in the future, just send me a request.








To be continued


rinaldo imperiale