In a world full of perfectly functioning systems, you have always used nature and physics. Over time, everyone has built and added their own system. The established have become lions. Many of the systems we know today and are around us are copied by others every day and integrated into your work processes and business processes. In the beginning, your company is a small construct that is also a system. Let's take the trade. There is goods, a cash register and the market, the customer is the market here and ensures that all elements keep moving. A stock that fills and empties. When you started, everything was still easy to deal with yourself. Over time, the goods to be sold exceeded their labor. The product range and the selection increased. The customer base grew, became more diverse and individuality became more and more important. The system had to be expanded to include a work station. All cogs in your system have now been kept running by two people. All of this is still simple, although in practice today many years sometimes pass until a new job is created. After all, you give up a piece of control and quality. Not everyone wants to expand their company today. When the family is full, sometimes it's good. With every small change in the system due to growth, a lot of new and many gears couple into each other. It takes a little time to achieve a certain synchronicity. Ensuring this in the long term also means that all mechanisms and all dependencies work and, for example, no supplier fails. This continuous synchronization can be shown today in a repetition loop and recorded in time lapse beautifully in nature. It works there forever and always impresses. Research and science in particular flirt with it. The nature system.


In terms of size, we are already at a kiosk at a hairdresser.


These systems are growing today according to clear guidelines and are part of existing structures. The department store system with shipping logistics shows it best. We or rather you don't have to be able to learn and learn much today. You can use the market freely and install one system after another in your company. However, you either need your own money or you take the system money from the banks in the form of risk capital providers. If you have a gas station and are considering expanding it to include a workshop, a consultant will come and put more or less everything at your feet. It may be without first rolling out the red carpet, but that's how it will go. The only question is, does that make sense in your region? How high is the competition? How is the network of workshops structured within a radius of 10 km. This is where the Google system comes into play and can be a great digital assistant for your research.

Someone who wants to sell you something would probably not draw your attention to it. Ultimately, it would be your problem to close a workshop that is not running and service the bank's loans.

These are exactly the moments when you should get together with external service providers. Consulting does cost money, but it minimizes the risk that you may not be aware of at the beginning.


My work is designed to help you expand your systems and processes as much as necessary. Today you can document processes in a targeted manner and observe processes so well that you can quickly find out where it needs to be supplemented or converted.


The bigger companies grow, the more often there are visits to the doctor and the number of sick days increases. Of course, you think that even in a large group, more people are infected. This is partly true, but how much do you personally do to keep the working atmosphere in your company, offices and premises nice and cozy. The job is 1/3 of each of your employees a second home. Are there plants? Is it colorful, do you feel good or is it just gray and dreary? loveless in German. Loveless and cold is bitter in the result. But the climate in the teams must also be kept high. Whether it's small gifts, a salad bar. Snacks or the promotion of teams through training with quality excursions. Today, designers and experts are brought in to enhance the feel-good climate. It is therefore always worth keeping your budget high in these areas. This is also an area in which I can support you.

Imagine you were familiar with all systems and could also assign them to an industry and its affiliation. For those who do not know, this is similar to the first experience drive through a jungle.

You rush through it with your jeep is fascinated by everything, but in the end many of the impressions are gone, how everything is dependent on each other you do not know. How everything that moved could not be called by name. Not bad, there are others who are familiar with it. Someone like me collects all the data and collects all the information to prepare it for your project and to supplement it with solutions. At the same time, your goals and your project are taken into account. The range until you have worked through all areas can be large and takes time. It took a long time until a Swiss watch was as good and precise as we know it today and everyone speaks enthusiastically about it. But in the beginning, a few levers are enough to get the whole fit for your environment. A company does not have to run like a Swiss watch. It just has to work and has to be adapted to the state of the art every few years. It is up to you whether the company will still exist in decades. Statistics can be instructive here. Bringing ideas into your home from the outside can trigger a surge, at the same time it can open new doors. Your crew's viewpoints no longer have to be the same as those that are in the market outside. The 100 creative masters sitting in your dungeon and holding the future of your company in your hands all need inspiration. This remains a real creative for a lifetime. But creativity also means always preparing a cake with new wonderful creations. The customer is the market. The customer wants and likes variety. Categories such as body construction are an exception. Nothing is more important than knowing your customer.