A new component for the logistics of HERMES

As a freelancer I spend a lot of time developing ideas and presenting small but efficient solutions to companies. Here is one of them.

When picking up the packages in HERMES shops or visiting them, I have found that the process of finding the shipment by the employee is sometimes very time-consuming and stressful. Especially in high-traffic shops such. For example, a gas station, with constantly changing staff here is the ongoing operation stammer. At the expense of the customers.


I took a closer look at this necklace:

The solution, individually tailored to each business rule systems with subject numbers.

With software support and handheld scanner, the packages can be found faster.


In preparation:

HERMES informs all partners about the new type of logistics.

The individual shops provide photos, as well as dimensions of the premises where shipments are kept. In most cases, these are small storage rooms.


Every HERMES Paket Shop can now agree to a conversion and an individual adaptation.

Of course, this was preceded by the creation of a product video, which significantly represents the function and structure. All interested parties can then watch this video.

An extra team from the Hermes Logistics Group, set up for this project, will implement all of this.

On the basis of statistics one can look at how much each HERMES parcel shop works nationwide weekly. To name a number, 200 packages on average are already a good number. This means that HERMES can filter the big points of sale better during the implementation. Shops with little package processing are first outside.


The shelves can accommodate, for example, 30-100 programs, for the size of the subjects you can orient yourself at the packing stations. Exact numbers can also be found here on the basis of statistics.


The shelves could be provided in the form of a plug-in system, with customizable compartments. Each compartment will carry a number 1-100.

(Pluggable = reusable = sustainable) With the agreement of the many HERMES Paket Shops managing directors, either the control system itself can then be installed or a regional external service provider is commissioned with it.

For self-direction, of course, the Hermes Paket Shop gets a compensation in the form of a bonus.

100 packages Free or so!


Now comes the interface where the real efficiency and comfort is greatest.

The software must be adjusted so that each time a consignment is picked up, the compartment with number appears in the display. The employee can single-mindedly approach the subject during each process without having to look for it and remove the consignment. Of course, here again the address of sender and recipient must be checked.


Logically, this means A) the shelf systems must all be built according to a scheme, and have the same number of minimum compartments. B) When logging in the logistics street, the individual actual parcel sizes are determined. Somewhere in the guide code then the corresponding compartment size is added. This data set is then compared with the system software and the handheld scanner. C) The HERMES messenger comes with his Sprinter and will not unload his parcels as before. With the new shelf system, the process would be something like this. The HERMES messenger puts all the packages in the storeroom individually scans each parcel and assigns that parcel to the compartments as they are displayed on the handheld scanner. Hand scanner shows package tray 10 after scanning and you put the package in there. That's clean logistics right down to the last interface. It's easier then. Simple is something good.


Packages go in, compartments fill, the compartments are smaller in the hand scanner. The other way around of course the same. Packages are picked up by the customer, according to the hand-held scanner registered synchronously, which again became a drawer empty.


This creates a round-the-wall operation on both sides. The Hermes Paket Shop can now purposefully and orderly give out goods and accept.


Another advantage I see in the fact that all possible HERMES package shops that were not yet ready to become partners, that such a supplement creates new incentives. In practice, this means many new partnerships in a constantly growing market. Growing market means

Incidentally, also increase storage capacity.


In principle, HERMES creates such a component in the logistics process.



Stay tuned