The drifting apart

of matter

The Universe, space and the drifting apart of galaxies, stars and planets is an unexplained phenomenon with many theories. If you look at a spiral galaxy, you can see from a distance how it rotates. At the same time, they move freely in space, in space. There are many of these galaxies out there. Estimated 2 trillion. Some of the galaxies are moving towards each other. So that a collision is to be expected at some point. You don't know where this force comes from, the driving force that makes the galaxy rotate and at the same time move through the space. This point will be examined in more detail here. There are several possibilities for this. A kind of gravitation, the gravitational pull is exemplary of this. This force ensures that we stand on earth and everything that has no wings falls from the sky. One also says gravitational force / gravity. If you now imagine the universe as a closed system. A sphere, an elliptical geometric body, in other words a kind of box. So the force pulling on the galaxies would be positioned outside the box. The force that pulls on everything must have a magnetic effect on everything that is floating around in the universe. For a ball to start moving, you have to kick it off. It doesn't matter whether by hand or foot. This is the moment when we exert energy and transfer it to the ball. The ball starts rolling. On a straight track, the ball will quickly come to a stop. But that doesn't happen with the spiral galaxies. Even our solar system drifts ever further away. We have no fixed point in space. Our solar system is a hiking system! Quite possible, if still undiscovered, that there are solar systems or individual stars that actually do not move and are therefore rigid in space in one place. That in itself would be worth its own contribution. We are moving further and further away from the Milky Way to name a fixed point. But what has set us and everything else in motion? Everything else can also be called matter. Even easier, everything in space is matter. The tangible. Has there ever been a cosmic earthquake in the history of space? May be. The fact is that every now and then stars explode, creating a force that would be able to set matter in motion. Of course, depending on how far away the star explosion is.

In the event of a chain of explosions at shorter intervals, a domino effect could have been set in motion. But even this power runs out of fuel at some point and, as we understand it, the movement should then slow down and stop. As in the example with the ball. But you don't. Everything just keeps spinning and everything drifts in an indefinite direction. Fatal but not entirely excluded, our measuring devices indicate errors or are not suitable for this type of research at all. What else can set two things in motion and be attractive? The magnet is a plus and a minus pole. The core must be iron or a metal that has magnetic capabilities. Now the distances from which we start here in this example are enormously large. So big that you cannot imagine that there is a magnetic force behind it.

But what if? You don't even know today whether the universe has an end somewhere or whether it is a closed system as mentioned above.

This suggests that we discovered mathematics and did not invent it. In line with this, the whole universe has already been measured and digitized by others. Only with even more modern and finer technology. So we touch the work of others and surf the knowledge freely. The state of affairs is, space is expanding. So we are gaining space. As if we need little earthlings with our humble solar system rather space. Interestingly, the speed with which everything drifts in space is increasing. Does the universe have an end? Then the wheel of possibilities begins anew. The perpetuum mobile of ideas comes into effect. Would the universe be a sphere with a housing! Then what would be behind the case? Here is another theory from the scientists that there would be a multiverse. Take 10 marbles, each is a universe and a self-contained system, all of which exist side by side. If multiverses have already collided with one another in the past, you could also find an answer to why matter has moved in space. The beautiful story with the multiple galaxies can also be found in the (MiB) Men in Blacks. Much of what was shown in science fiction film back then has become real today. But with all 10 balls there is always space, otherwise it would be with squares or rectangles, which are all lined up. So there is new undefined space if you string balls together. But what would this be? You see, it is not easy, but science is justified because of this. Search further where others left off or were never ready to ask questions! A large labyrinth with an incredible number of possibilities and combinations. Since Pi 3.14 stands for infinite here, one can only hope that everything else has an end and can be explained to us.


Here is a small note regarding the closed system.


Please take a look at the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians. Strictly speaking, the paintings of the pharaohs in your buildings the temple. There you will discover cartridges that are unique, they also look like air bubbles.

The alone can provide a reinterpreted number of answers. These cartridges have a content, so you can sometimes find the sun and other planets in them, but also combinations of members of the Pharaoh dynasties and individual sacred animals. In addition, the cartridges are always closed. That means there is no entrance or exit. In the search for parallels, one could now interpret the whole thing in this way. The cartridges show that the builders of the pyramids knew that our solar system is a closed system. Each planet has its fixed elliptical orbit as we spin around the sun. It runs synchronously and all planets hover in mutual dependency. If you go one floor higher in the language of the cosmos, it could be deduced that the cartridges can also tell us whether our universe is also a closed system. Here you take a step up in size. But it can also be done smaller. The earth itself is a closed system.

An organism is also a closed system. For example the bloodstream.

The distribution of nutrients, everything finds its place. System after system are strung together. If we go further down the level, we will find the building block of biological life. The cell. This is very similar to the painting of a cartridge, oval, elliptical. Terrifying similarities can also be found under the microscope, some cells look like a micro universe. You can also look at the photo “Cosmic Background Radiation”. As well as some photos of biological cells, see Wikipedia or the search engine.

Gladly take a look and share your impressions and thoughts. Forges something new. With our current official technology we unfortunately cannot look to the edge of the universe. If there were a glass or a dome there that would hold everything together, then you couldn't tell. Not yet.


The drift and movements in our universe happen as if by magic. Our current research and the knowledge gained are not sufficient to provide a precise answer. This leaves a lot of room and space to expand your imagination into unknown dimensions. Imagination is the key to everything, without this power it would be difficult to develop new complex theories. All of this is based on the close cooperation between physicists, natural scientists, astronomers and the mathematicians out there. Incidentally, mathematics as a language is universally peaceful.




rinaldo imperiale