Plastic disaster

That Plastic has found a New home all over the World is "without words". Plastic travels quietly and more quietly.  

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Carbon dioxide fleet

The Air to breathe has become worse. Whenever something is burned somewhere, new carbon dioxide (Co2) is created. The Atmosphere heats up. Our living space has become a hot and dirty affair.  

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Collage_Fotor trinkwasser 3600 long dirt

Drinking water - shame

The substances that do not belong in the groundwater and drinking water show how little it is of interest to those responsible.  

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Collage_Fotor illness civil 600.jpg

Civilization diseases

The Planet groans and smokes, it is no longer healthy. The residents of it are in the mirror. The list is long in artificially induced diseases. Inspired and marketed by three organs. Industry - politics and the citizen  

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