The window into an exciting world

The current state of affairs on our planet shows in many areas that innovation and inventive talent are a good thing.

Now that many can call their own long-term experience with the home office, all this gives cause to develop new products. The machinery of the creative is booming. The heyday of a market when the world is asked to rebuild in a spirit of optimism. Renewal through action.


What could be nicer than developing a product that would be totally hip and cool now. But with the now it's always a thing, because now is the time for the idea and the design. A mountain of phases goes by before development and the finished product.


First of all, here is the product as a whole. There is no prototype yet, but with a little imagination you can hopefully picture the whole thing nicely.


Your office window is boring and you can only travel to a limited extent. A while longer and even if we can travel, we don't feel like it anymore! We have got used to the new circumstances, as is so often the case, travel is a minor matter. Last but not least, parts of society have been sidelined to such an extent that vacation and travel harm the environment. The way to reach conscience is easier than ever. Thanks to advertising and marketing.


This is not to say that the travel industry is keeping its feet still. On the contrary, something new has to be found. How do you develop and sell us a new travel feeling? Traveling is not always the same, but this way of traveling is completely new. Temporary travel without having to physically leave a country.


In my company, out there in the future, strong partnerships have already been forged, you are all convinced that visions will soon create new realities. The window as a new travel portal for your home office has been discovered.


You just placed an order. Next week a truck and a team of service employees will come to swap your old window for the future. Of course, such an undertaking is not exactly cheap, but you don't have to talk much about money at the beginning anyway, because the small number of units and the high development costs mean that a unit is extremely expensive.


Your old window in the office will be expanded and replaced with a modern one. But what can the New Window do. First of all, a new window is nothing special, it is only new from the outside and from the inside it is difficult to see that something new has been developed and installed here. With modern technology and the digital networking of various audio and video sources, it makes everything new and unique.


Your new travel portal hides much more than just the usual view of the outside world.

A WiFi module of the latest class connects to the video and server sources of our partners in a flash. So while you sit on your rocking boat and enjoy the view of the sea that you often experience, the digital assistant asks you, what would you like to see now? Where do you want to be I think about it for a moment, after all, I've been to many places. So i decide to have the live stream in an area of ​​africa. A reserve, a few hills, a steppe, a few wild animals, the microphone transmits the audio noises in real time. Wind, chirping, rustling of flying dry leaves and other sounds come into your home office.

With the latest generation of headphones on, it surpasses the familiar experience by wavelengths. With Bluetooth 5.2 protocol and audio jack, the sound is quickly available.


You wonder how it will all work. Quite simply when you have wealthy investors. You take existing technological infrastructures that have specialized in streaming live or recordings, there you can expand capacities at the beginning so that a large number of users can enjoy the new travel portal at the same time. Livestream is nothing unusual anymore, on the contrary it is growing.

These services are then not their own services. Our product provides for a specially developed, independently working fixed live stream camera to be set up around the world at the 100 most beautiful places for the time being. The internet connection can be kept stable via satellite technology in regions that are difficult to access. A handful of companies already specialize in this. Forming partnerships with you would be a clever and inexpensive solution, financial interests naturally also play a role.


So what exactly do we need for that?

An XXL window manufacturer can deliver an integrated display that meets both safety standards for building construction based on multi-purpose windows, specifically to the international standards of the countries to be exported. Not every country has the same high standards today when it comes to installing windows. It can lead to production costs being significantly lower per piece, which is of course in the interests of the manufacturer.

Reliable network technology with Bluetooth, Wifi, integrated chipsets, fast RAM modules and free software that is easily accessible to all users.


Of course, brand names are completely deleted, since unpaid advertising is fundamentally wrong. Although deep in the hidden knowledge of which brands you should have on board, you have observed the entrepreneurial world long enough and then studied, sooner or later, unicorns and lions will emerge. The gorillas should of course not be ignored.


Once everything has been combined and the first test travel portals have been installed in the company headquarters, the next phase begins. Up to this point, many millions have vanished into thin air and a completely new entertainment market has been opened up. It remains to be seen which options are still possible with a View to the World Portal. Marketing departments understand your business and forge and toil as it should.

It will certainly be 24 months before a private citizen, who can also be an investor, can own a prototype in his home. These are all just values ​​and numbers that can of course be adjusted. Quite possible that the well-heeled are more likely to get a prototype. Beta is an issue everywhere.


In addition to the 100 fixed live streams in 8K quality, mobile live streams are of course also made available. This could be, for example, autonomous rovers that use solar energy to cover a few kilometers a day.


For you as a user, this always means a journey into new events while you are sitting at your home office and doing the activity you have decided on.


My idea of ​​a modern workplace of today is finished for the moment.


Kind regards


rinaldo imperiale