The sequence

Cooperation desired, good.

So it goes on.


After we have negotiated a service contract, I will send it to you. Preferably via email. Back with a signature, please.

This confirms that we can work together. On my part, it is sufficient if you briefly photograph the signed contract and simply forward it. With G-Suite from Google, you can enjoy secure communication right from the start, and that at company level.




It may sound a bit spooky, but legally the legislature recommends setting up a confidentiality agreement for new products and services, as well as the exchange of new ideas. Since the basis should be trust from the start, we can of course work together without this type of agreement.

Nevertheless, we should discuss issues relating to discretion and press matters before, during and after projects together.


Due to the activity as a freelance inventor, the Employee Invention Act and the Employee Invention Law do not apply.


The formal process is done.


Payment is made on account and via bank transfer unless otherwise agreed. The value added tax is currently " not" shown separately on my invoices. After receiving the invoice, please pay it within 10 calendar days.


If you would like to process the payment via an external service provider, please let me know. To name just two, PayPal International or Twint based in Switzerland.



"  We " can discuss everything in a Free consultation. Video talk with Google Meet provide a excellent quality.




Kind regards


rinaldo imperiale


(As of November 2020)