60 minutes without neon advertising for Zurich and the photographic world shows fireworks

The lovely city of Zurich. Indeed, our ears and eyes are pricked up like a puma. You enter an old country in a new design. The senses are immersed in a mix of classic gray with a transition to colorful and variety depending on the time of day. The shimmer and shimmer of the adjacent water from the Limmat and the changing color of Lake Zurich play a role of their own. Not like in a fairy tale city, but still the functioning clockwork of this city has been appealing. Where there is light there is life. With so much excitement you can easily forget that everyone sees and discovers the city of Zurich differently. So if you don't walk through this city in a dreamy way or are absorbed in deep business communication, sooner or later our eyes will be drawn to the play of lights in this city. This is nature, guided by electronic LEDs that shine in millions of colors. On one of the many bridges in the city of Zurich, I found the best spot for the moment, including a scooter. The moment and the position to capture a piece of history in a photo. We're holding onto something. A moment of reality is frozen and put to show on millions of pixels for the next 100 years, shared with others. Oh a hundred! Photos can survive digitally for many thousands of years. With the scooter, also known as a scooter, I move quickly from one point to the other to capture a different perspective of the scenery. The change and position is not always satisfactory to press the trigger again. Diversity can be found in a merging, adapted architecture. Whoever thinks the city of Zurich only has one face that looks and sees too many media.

"Have you ever been to Zurich?"

Or people stop going to cities like this one because a report was caught at the wrong time and left a bad image.
You have to convince yourself of it and let yourself be carried away? Let yourself be carried away by a spirit that has a home in many cities.

Every city has its phases and energies that are spread over the day. Zurich is different in the morning, at noon, in the evening and at night. As a commuter at fixed times, this will be difficult for you to notice. How should it, you only get to know the city in a certain window of time. The rhythm of your everyday life no longer allows. Who cares about the many facets and moments of a day? The scooter that I got in Zurich and that accelerates and facilitates mobility in many ways is an original. A Swiss manufacturer has been making these for 11 years. If products are original and have been on the market for a long time, they have to be good and that's exactly what I wanted to find out. Later I will buy a copy or a replica of this scooter just to see what works differently. I'm curious, and there will be a few lines in time.

I quickly noticed something on each of the many bridges in Zurich. Meter by meter is strategically packed with neon advertising. As soon as darkness falls and the recurring cycle of day and night begins, sensors switch on a sea of light.
The natural beauty with the view of the city of Zurich is artificially changed. Advertising, advertising and, moreover, luminous are the best-known ways of presenting something. Brands and companies are like us humans. They are all seeking attention. In shops and with products, we humans are conscious, sometimes rather unconsciously. The light advertising puts a veil around the whole, around the historical.

That is the origin and the point of origin of this idea. If you reproduce this fact on other cities in other countries you will quickly find out that this is a universal problem. The colorful flickering of a sign in the middle of a super city.

None of these people who like to take photos have been able to take natural photos in the evening hours in the last decades of the century. Of course, many photos only come to life with advertising, but naturalness no longer needs to be talked about in this context. Cities currently cannot offer the opposite of temporarily deactivating the backdrop of advertising. Or do you see an app there in the future that will then enable photographers and viewers from afar to deactivate an entire backdrop of neon advertising for several minutes. Can't you smell one or the other business idea there? Against the amount X, the advertising can be blacked out on specified streets in the map directory. It would be complex. A general solution seems to be nicer for everyone.

Photography is so special. Photography as part of a culture in the 20th and 21st centuries. How can you add a value to this special circumstance? Quite simply, every city gives all photography friends 60 minutes every day. one evening or one night an ad-free view of darkened and deactivated neon advertising. Of course, automatically and with a time switch, just as it is convenient.

So many new impressions and moments can have a lasting impact on the future of the media world. That is the core of this little story from the city of Zurich.


Although cities already have many faces, you can create another face with such a detail. Many will return to cities they have already visited with their cameras.

You not only give gifts to the photographer every day, but also to everyone who lives in a city and is here, even if only temporarily. It may sound like work, but in a country where the motto bears the strength of the three musketeers, it should be a no brainer. One for all and all for one.









Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale