The project starts with an idea

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Do you need a Big Team and a lot of Space?

a small Team, 

is working better regardless of location?

Every company discovers its own efficiency 

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Blue Print


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In the end, the result counts

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You and your company have Specialized in Creating new things

No matter what Level*


The best requirement for us to be able to work together

The Creative Process

Your previous

"Projects & Work"


are available, looked through and analyzed. Your requirements and goals are known.

From this now, among other things * something “new” arises. Through research and application of various creative techniques, taking into account the market and the target group, a tailor-made concept is created.

Planning, Organization and implementation


From here "Your Company"

can continue and implement the project.

If you would like me to accompany all processes, then nothing stands in the way of a long cooperation.

The Creative Spirit is the Tool *

The Creative spirits Produce small Miracles

Every Project is more then a Adventure







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There are a thousand and one scenarios in which you cannot get ahead without ideas ...

A garden full of ideas wants to be maintained

by Professionals

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In Active Projects time doesn`t count 

Bei Aktiven Projekten spielt Zeit keine Rolle

A un Projetto Attivo il Tempo non interessa 

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